Monday, February 21, 2011

My CookBook and My Surprise :)

Calvin introduced this artistic place to me for lunch the other day (as in before Chinese New Year. Hehe). Everything from decoration, menu and food presentation are very artistic. Name of the place…


My CookBook. Location: Giza Mall. They have an interesting menu with newly created dishes. Interesting is the only word that I can use to describe the place.







The interior of the restaurant is decorated nicely. Main theme would be white. I felt like sitting in an artist home and having an artistic meal. Haha. Love the chair colour, dark pink. On the last photo, there is actually a door to the kitchen put together with the cabinet, which is directly next to it. Very smart and nicely camouflaged.


Our drinks. Honey dew juice and ice lemon tea. There’s something interesting about my drink that is worth showing….


The ice actually is made of tea. Smart right? By doing that, you won’t have diluted ice lemon tea when the ice melt.




Our meal of the day. Calvin’s nasi pandan with curry chicken and my grilled chicken rice. Notice that the rice is actually in tube shape? Even my chicken is also in round shape. Nice presentation. Me like. The second photo is actually a minced chicken meat in tauhu. It is not a soup, according to the waiter. But I consume it like I was drinking soup. Haha.

This is actually a really cool place to hang out. For those would like to try something new, head on down to this place if you are nearby and try out their menu. You will find something interesting in every dish.

Oh yeah, Calvin proposed to me yesterday!!! And of course, I said yes. How could I say no when

1. he’s the one I want to be with

2. all my girls and their partners planned this wicked and cunning surprise for me. Plus, they made special appearance on that day itself too!!

3. the moment a video of me and Calvin appeared on Redbox tv and he appeared with a bouquet of flower (my favourite blue rose), told me a lot of touching things, knelt down and took out the most beautiful ring ever. Of course I cried like a baby. I went totally speechless at that moment.

4. Calvin’s nervous and shaking speech shows me how much he wanted me to say yes.

I am indeed the happiest girl now. I told my parents, well actually I showed the ring to my mum. Haha. She told my dad. So I guess everyone knows it by now. Oh well, I have a lot to plan and a lot, a lot of things to do. But I will make sure that I have time to blog everything down so that when I am old, I will read back all the posts with the wrinkled Calvin by my side and laugh at each other. Hehe.


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