Monday, February 28, 2011

Robot Sushi

Robot Sushi is located at Sunway Pyramid entrance that is facing Sunway Lagoon’s main entrance. We passed by that place a few times previously. Sadly to say, there was nobody at the reception counter and no waiter/waitress at the door to greet us. So we walked away a few times. Furthermore, we could not see any customers in the restaurant, so we concluded that this place might not be good. One day, we decided to give this place one last chance. Still, there was nobody at the entrance when we arrived. When we were about to turn and leave, a waiter came out to greet us. So we asked for a table for two.




The restaurant has 2 bars. Sushi bar and drinks bar. This may be a good place to watch football as they have televisions all around the restaurant.



The menu. Kind of heavy as they have metal element. There’s actually not much robotic food in the menu. They still serve sashimi, sushi and temaki instead of screw, nuts and aluminum. Hehe.





Our food for the day. Calvin’s unagi rice, my udon with tempura and salmon sushi. The food was not bad but calvin’s unagi was quite cold when served. Quite good and no stale taste from the fish. My udon and tempura on the other hand was served piping hot. Yummy!! A light meal since I was not hungry that day.

Overall, the food was quite good. If you need a quiet place to have dinner and drinks with your friends, this is the place to be. You can sit back and talk the whole night away without yelling to your friends to be heard because currently, their business is kind of slow.


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