Monday, March 14, 2011

Bangkok Day 2

Bangkok Day 2 started a little bit early for me and Calvin as we woke up early. Plan for the day was shopping, shopping and eating. Calvin and me woke up early that day. We walked around our hotel area to explore what shops and food that is available.




We found this place that has halal food, which is suitable for Deane. Just next to the Muslim stall, there are other food stalls selling rice and noodle. So we decided to have our breakfast there.





Me and Calvin’s breakfast for the day. Calvin still not giving hope on rice yet, ordered chicken rice. I ordered seafood noodle. Mine was superb as the soup was really clear and the taste just right. There’s a big bowl of raw taugeh for those who prefer additional taugeh. As for Calvin’s rice, he said it was very dry as there’s no gravy or whatsoever at all. Apparently, Calvin was supposed to add the chilli sauce and other things given and mix everything well. That’s according to Vince and Wai Leng who went back the same stall and tried it out. The knew the way to eat it when they observed how the locals eat it. They said the rice was very nice eaten that way. Just another reason to go back to Bangkok for another trip. For the … er… chicken rice. Hehe.



As for my noodle, these are the condiments that I can mix into my bowl. Sugar, chilli paste, green chilli and chilli flakes (I think). Yes, the left corner is indeed a container of sugar. I guess they mix it together with the chilli paste so that it will not be too spicy. But I just love my noodle as it is.





Food for the rest. Beef noodle, siew yoke rice and tom yum noodle. Vince’s siew yoke rice was really good but Pui See’s tom yum noodle was a disappointment. Not spicy but just a little bit sour only. Totally different from the tom yum that we had in Malaysia. But then again, the one that we have here might be modified to suit our taste.

We head back hotel to hop on the free tuk tuk ride to the nearest train station. We wanted to go Chinatown. We were dropped off just nearby the train station and were asked to walk instead.


Deane and Vince at the front seats with the driver. Damn funny ride Smile


Once we got off the tuk tuk, a driver approached us and offered to send us there for 60 to 80 baht. Since he is driving Avanza, which could fit all 6 of us, we agreed to his service. When we started the journey, the driver asked for our help to get free petrol. He will send us to a jewellery shop. All we have to do is just go down the shop to look look and see see. It is okay if we did not buy anything. Initially we don’t want to go but he begged for us to help him. Since we have some time to spare, we agreed to go along. If you do not want to do so, just tell the driver that you have been there the day before and they will not bring you there as they will not get free petrol for repeated customers. Just make sure that when the driver ask you how many days have you stay in Bangkok, your answer should be like 2 or 3 days. Hehe.

After the jewellery shop visit, the driver sent us to Chinatown.




There’s not much to see in Chinatown as we just walked from one street till the end, hop on a tuk tuk and head to MBK mall. But we saw this shop that have food items mould by sesame street. I guess is for praying purposes as we can’t really put meat on the altar. These moulds comes in chicken, octopus and even pig head. Haha. We passed by one shop selling bird nests and shark fin. We went in for a bowl of bird nests or two.



Here are the samples of bird nest that they have. It range from 100 baht to 1500 baht. We ordered 3 bowls to be shared in couples.



Our free chrysanthemum teas. Cooling, just perfect for a hot day.





Our bird nest. Quite yummy, for me. Not too sweet. Nothing special other than cheap. We can add preserved lotus seeds, half boiled egg and extra honey to our bird nest. I added the half boiled egg into our bird nest and it was ultra smooth. Quite yummy!! But I can’t accept the preserved lotus seeds as it was too sweet.





Besides bird nest, this shop sells shark fin as well. All those dried bird nest and shark fin are for sale. They are quite used to selling items to tourist as they have wrappers for Wai Leng and Pui See’s bird nest, even though we did not request for them. They wrapped the bottles nicely so that it will not break easily. When we were nearly done, they asked us if we would like to try shark fin.




The “sample” of shark fin. We ordered the cheapest one to be shared among all of us as we were quite full at that point.





the shark fin arrived. I added a lot of coriander leaves into mine and the taste was amazing. Maybe a little too much ajinomoto as after the bowl, I felt very thristy.

After that, we headed to the end of the road and decided to leave Chinatown since there is not much for us to do and see except chinese herbs. We took tuk tuk to MBK mall. There’s nothing much that is suitable for me. Just managed to buy a clutch and bargain like mad for that. Haha. Us girls went for pedicure and Pui See did pedicure as well. Main purpose is actually to removed some of the hard skin on our foot. I am not a big fan of massage, manicure and pedicure. People who know me should notice that I have very small and square nails. This is also one of the issue for my wedding photo shoot that I have yet to find the perfect solution. Anyway, I decided to do the pedicure just so that I could get the removal of dead skin on my foot.



Here’s Pui See like she’s a queen being attended by her servants. Haha.



The final result. No prizes for guessing which is who, especially mine. Very obvious. Haha. After MBK, we headed to Siam Square for dinner at Som Tam. I found this place from blogs while doing Bangkok research.













We ordered fried chicken, fish, mango salad, minced chicken meat with basil leaf. The food was quite good but the portion is very small. They only have one size for certain dishes. The steamed fish may look very plain but it went well with the sauce. We were lucky that we went early that day. Once we stepped out of the restaurant, there was a long queue outside the restaurant. After dinner, we went to Siam Square’s night market for more shopping. The clothes there are more feminine and kind of Korean/Japan style. Quite cheap but if compared to Platinum Mall, Siam Square is slightly expensive but more feminine. Platinum Mall is more towards casual wear like shorts, skirts and shirts.


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