Monday, March 7, 2011

Valentine’s 2011

Valentine’s Day this year created such havoc over the country that on the next day of Valentine’s Day, I read from newspaper that there were officers who raid restaurants. I guess everybody know what is the issue that I am talking about.

My body created a surprise havoc for me and Calvin too. Let met start with the initial plan for Valentine’s Day. I wanted Korean food as I have been longing to try the Korean restaurant near his house for quite some time. We had western food last year, so this year I opted other cuisine. When I woke up that morning, I was having a flu and sore throat at the same time. The sore throat was so bad that I felt feverish the whole day working in the office. Since the day after Valentine’s day is a public holiday, the both of us did not apply leave as we only wanted to have dinner for Valentine’s Day this year. There was no nice movie at that time and I do not want to go shopping as I wanted to do that in Bangkok (which I have yet to blog because Calvin…. a.k.a. my future husband…. hehe…. has yet to give me the photographs and Gossip Girls. Ishh…). After work, I took the train to Kelana Jaya and he picked me up from there. I requested for no flowers this year as it is always overly priced and not worth it. Anyway, we were heading to the Korean restaurant and Calvin kept persuading me not to have the Korean food since I was sick. Initially, I stood still on my initial decision for Korean food but eventually gave in when he gave me a lot of reasons and also promised to take me there for a meal anytime soon (which yet, up to now, still no sign of the Korean food… ahem….). Since Empire Shopping Centre is nearby his house, we went there for dinner. Even though I did not get Korean food, apparently Japanese food would be a healthier choice, konon la. Hehe. We dine in at Pasta Zanmai as they have dishes that combine Calvin’s favourites into one dish.



The waiter took a photograph of us with his camera for some event thingy. This was taken by the waiter by my camera. I am looking very red at the nose and eyes area thanks to the flu. Last year Valentine’s, I had eye infection which causes one side of my eyes to be swollen. It is very obvious from the photograph that I look like a Merz (big small eye). This year Valentine’s was slightly better. No swollen but only red. Hehe.





I ordered the mini set meal for myself as I was very hungry and Calvin ordered unagi with half boiled egg. My mini set meal consists of spaghetti with chicken teriyaki and scallop pizza. The spaghetti and rice was so-so but I love the pizza uber much. I even ordered additional one to be taken away so that I can eat them for supper. Whenever I’m having flu, I will be either super hungry or no appetite to eat at all. That night, I was feeling super hungry. Haha.

After dinner, we walked around and went into the supermarket, my favourite shopping place. It eventually become Calvin’s shopping place as well after so many random trips to supermarket with me. He even….


smile like Doraemon. Hahahaha.

Oh well, I have to continue my research for Shin’s wedding and mine. Busy wedding bee is my new name.


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