Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father’s Day–Round 1 at Elegant Inn

Daddy is not around on Father’s Day weekend, so the celebration was postpone to the following week. Joey showed me a broucher for Elegant Inn, which is nearby my company, on Thursday. I browsed through and the Lobster Promotion caught my attention. I seldom have the chance to enjoy lobster as it is very expensive. Even if I have the chance, the amount of meat very little. I showed my parents the broucher the same night and both gave me the green light to make table reservation. Too bad sis and Brandon koko can’t join as sis is allergic to seafood and she’s currently pregnant!! That means I am going to be the world most awesome aunty soon. Hehe. The promotion is 6 course meal for 3 person at RM333++. Since there were 4 of us (mum, dad, me and Calvin), we added additional 1 set of appetizer, soup and dessert.


Us while waiting for my parents. My sis don’t like my lace dresses but this is brand new. I can only wear when she’s not around and should not take much photo while wearing it. Hehe.


There are 2 outlets for this restaurant available in Malaysia. The one we visited is at Menara Hap Seng (behind the Merz showroom) while the other one is at Taman Connaught.



Just like it’s name, the restaurant is decorated elegantly. There are around 4 to 5 private rooms with karaoke facility. I browsed through the menu and their food are quite expensive as they serve mostly abalone, geoduck, shark fin and other expensive seafood. They serve dim sum for breakfast as well.


Our appetizer. Soft shell crab, chilled salmon and lobster with fried white radish cake. I love the chilled salmon and lobster the most (on the spoon). Sweet and sour, very appetizing.



For soup, we can choose between beef soup and shark fin soup. Since dad, mum and Calvin choose shark fin soup, I went for the beef soup. The beef went well with the special chilli paste. Soup was clear, sweet and most important, not oily at all. As for the shark fin soup, it is hidden in the dumpling look alike thing. Besides shark fin, there’s prawn and  scallop as well.


For the lobster, we can choose the method of cooking. The restaurant’s specialty is salted chilli padi and cheese baked. Mum choose salted chilli padi as I don’t really like cheese baked. The lobster is very big. The 2 claws are at the side of the plate and Calvin forgot to take a photo of it. The claw is as big and long as my palm. The meat was very sweet and fresh. Yummy yummy…..


The blur photo is actually Hong Kong kailan with preserved vegetable. Green dishes is a must for every chinese meal that we have. Sometimes 2. Hehe.


Chicken claypot rice with black fungus. I don’t really like this but my mum love it. She said this just gave her the idea on her next chicken rice dish. Haihhhh…. Luckily I’m on salad diet currently. Haha.



Snow fungus with pear tong sui and black sesame muachi and peanut paste fried balls. Hehe. I finished the whole bowl of tong sui because this is my favourite tong sui for all time. This is my favourite among the favourite by far as the amount of sweetness is just right for my taste. I skipped the muachi and fried balls as my stomach nearly exploded at that moment. If Calvin didn’t tagged along, I don’t think the 3 of us could finish everything. Especially the lobster. Definitely worth the price.


The non food related photo that Calvin took. He was amazed when I told him the kitchen door operates by sensor like those found at the entrance of shopping mall (when you go near, the doors will open automatically). This is his best shot of the door after several attempts. Hahaha.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the dinner that night. I hope my parents felt the same way too. Round 2 will be this coming Saturday with sis and Brandon koko and shopping as well!! It will be like travelling down memory lane where very Sunday, the whole family will do grocery shopping at Jusco Taman Maluri. Ahhh…. those were those days… Looking forward for Round 2!!!


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