Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tomoe Round 2 & Weird Dinner

Despite trying out quite a number of Japanese Restaurants, Calvin still prefers Unagi Don from Tomoe, Subang Jaya. I have to agree with him as the taste and freshness are at the top quality.


This photograph is not enough to justify how good this thing is. Not to sweet/salty, soft and best of all, even though after it has cool down, there’s totally no stale taste on the fish at all. Yummy, is the only word that Calvin frequently use to describe the Unagi.



My squid with separately ordered rice set. They do not have set meal here. Everything are ala carte. During the first few pieces of squid, the taste was still okay. But towards the middle and end of the dish, I started to feel yucky and too squid-y. Luckily uncle helped me out with the dish while Calvin was too busy enjoying his Unagi.

Overall, I would say the place is a little pricey but the quality of the food is no doubt the best. Fresh and the moderation of their taste. I don’t really like dishes that are too over (salty, sweet, spicy, sour, etc.) For once in a while indulgence, it is definitely worth it.

The other place that me and Calvin “ventured” to last week was this busy stall at the junction opposite Shaw Parade.



The stall is located at the road side. I can’t read Chinese but Calvin told me the menu includes bats, warthog (imagine eating Pumbaa from The Lion King), some kind of tortoise that can be eaten and other …. thing. Since we have parked the car in the complex and I was very hungry at that time, we decided to eat there. The place was quite full and we noticed that most of the customers ordered the coconut chicken. We ordered one, together with soup and curry warthog. The warthog was quite good but a little bit cold. Quite chewy and I still prefer the normal pork. Coconut chicken was not bad either. It is similar to herbal chicken but the soup base is from coconut juice. Even though the food is quite okay (and recommended by local food show), I doubt that I will return to that place again as the thought of bats & tortoise in the steel containers creeps me out. For those who have a brave heart and enjoy such delicacies, do drop by this stall to try out the “special” food. Hehe.


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