Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little bit of everywhere

School holidays will end tomorrow and I just realized that my blog was not update for quite some time. A lot have happened for the past few weeks. Here is a summary of some of the “big events”:

I went to Singapore for a short trip to visit my grandfather who has underwent 2 surgeries there. He has his implant removed and a spacer put into the empty space. He is currently still suffering from a bad bacteria infection that he caught on the first operation. I hope that he will start to eat more every meal so that his body will be strong enough to fight off the bacteria.

Wedding plans have moved to the next level where me and Calvin are planning on how our future room will looks like and our honeymoon. We have a lot of ideas from time to time hence our initial Plan A is probably has changed to Plan K now. The date of meeting the sifu and submission of our forms for registration is on end of this month while I’m 8 months away from my wedding. Excited!!! Hehe.

Work is at it’s crazy peak currently. A lot of hospital decided to chase for payment. Hospital A even said “Please settle the payment as we do not have money to pay for the salary of our hospital staffs including doctors”. Haha. Funny…. really funny.

That’s the end of the summary. Luckily I have 2 galz to talk with from time to time. We shared our life principles and I realized we have grown up a lot. Looking forward on the upcoming meet up with them. I need to talk to them face to face desperately.

There will be no food post this time as my weekends are spent either resting at home or completely full of activities with friends and family member. Will blog more about food next time.


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