Saturday, May 28, 2011

Noodle Shack



I have been to Ikea for several times over the month to check out their furniture and also get some ideas on how to decorate my new room. Me and Calvin usually went early to get parking space and avoid the big crowd that usually appear in the afternoon. To save time, we will have our brunch there and Noodle Shack is located between Taiwan Shilin fried food and Pulau Ketam Steamboat. I noticed that the place is always quite full when we passed by. “The food must be good,” was what I told Calvin.

We decided to give it a try.


Our food order for the day. The place’s specialty is pan mee. There are several flavour for the noodle; plain/normal, spinach etc.




We ordered the Traditional Soup and Coriander soup. The traditional soup is very clear and not too salty. Ingredients include black fungus, fried anchovies, fried fuchuk, flat noodle and some green vegetable and meat. The coriander version is mine as I love coriander very much. I ordered it without any hesitation. My noodle was light green in colour but I am not sure if it has coriander taste to it. One thing for you, as you can see from the photo, my bowl is full of coriander love. Even the soup has coriander taste. The most coriander concentrated meal I ever had. Haha. There’s other type of noodle available on the menu like the dried version, dried chilli and curry as well. It may be good/perfect for those who prefer to have a light soupy noddle meal after a tired and exhausting walk from furniture shopping.


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