Saturday, June 7, 2008

True and Amazing

Chuan Guan : Ya la ya la... I know la... No need praise so many times... hehe
Wai Leng : I have to disagree. I think the love story is like fairy tale (the whole process) but the sad thing is no happy ending. Haha.
Clarissa : I know... but all my friends said my dad look very cool, as in don't talk much but... funny is his real identity. Haha.

Hey people. It's the weekend... again. Haha. Just back from 1 Utama. Wanted to watch Kungfu Panda but there was a long queue at the tickets counter. So we went for shopping instead. Had a great time window shopping with Kitt. Seriously, the sales assistants in Pull and Bear are not friendly at all. All of them don't even smile. When I came out from the changing room asking for S size for all the clothes I tried, she said " All of the shirts that you tried do not have S size, the smallest size will be M ". Being a won't-believe-till-see-with-own-eyes, I went back to the places I get all those shirts to check if what she said was true. Guess what, she's either too lazy to get smaller size for me or she don't know, there were S size. Went into the changing room to try the shirts again, they fit but looks a bit weird. Aihh, that's why today only window shopping. Oh yeah, the heels at Nine West are really nice. They were really comfy and expensive too :( but I will get one pair from there. Made a promise to myself on that. Haha. Tried a bag too but it's a little bit too big for me.

On our way back to my car, we passed by the Reptiles Exhibition place. OMG!!! Snakes!!! Yikes... Actually the exhibition was there for quite some time and Kitt really wanted to go in and have a look but my biggest fear, snakes, are inside. I thought of doing something for him that he really wanted in return for all the sweet things that he has done for me. The entrance fee as RM8 per person. Beside the tickets counter, there is ....

Mr Monkey ( or maybe Miss Monkey ). Isn't he cute? He posed for my camera. Awww... *heart melt*. He can take his eyes off my money when I took some money out to pay for the entrance fee. Money minded monkey eh... Hehe.

The horror began when I entered the main entrance. There were snakes everywhere!! It's so scary. I just stood there, don't dare to move. Okay la... the snakes are in their respective cubicle made of glass, but hey they still look slimy and scary okay. Kitt just went straight to the first cubicle and look at the snake while I...... am still standing at the main entrance. I don't even dare to move. When Kitt went further into the room, I use both of my hands the side view and just walk quickly inside into the second area. The snakes look very scary, unfriendly, lazy, slimy, hungry, fierce.... and ..... scary. At the second area, I just stood there because.... there were more snakes there. That is the Venomous Snake section. OMG!!! In the middle were aquarium with big... huge... lizards inside. AHHHHHHH scary place. There was one lizard that is very very very very big and stays under the water. Only it's nose was on the surface for breathing. AND guess what, the lizard's mouth stayed open!! It's a live wizard, you know but I don't know why it left the mouth open. I wanted to take photo of the lizard but my hand cramped because being too scared of everything inside. Some of the lizards have big belly. I wonder what is inside the big tummy. Someone hand? Big mouse? Small chicken? No idea. But I realised that some snakes and lizards can live under the water. Among them, only a few can totally submerge while most of them left the nose on the surface of the water.

When I walked to the third area, I can see a few cages with monkeys inside at the end of the third area. I wanted to walk closer to those cages but then......

Two big.. HUGE snakes on my right. I scream a little, which scares the aunty standing behind me, and ran to Kitt. They are really huge!!! OMG OMG OMG. It's so scary. I don't even dare to take their photo and asked Kitt to take one for me. Uploading this photo really .... is scary.

Okay... enough of snakes. At the back of the third area were 2 cages with monkeys inside. When we're there, it was coincidently their feeding time too. A malay guy handed apples to each monkey. They are really clever. They just at the part with flesh area and throw away the skin part. Clever monkey eh?

This monkey is really really white. It is very hard to snap a photo of him because can't see him clearly. That was the end of the exhibition. I practically ran out from the third area back to the main entrance because I really cannot bear to look at the snakes anymore. I hope that I won't have nightmares tonight. *praying hard*

Do you know that you can't squeeze an egg till it breaks? No matter how hard you squeeze, the egg will not break. I'm referring to an uncooked egg okay. Those that you can get from the supermarket. I thought it was easy to squeeze an egg till it breaks but I was wrong. Even with both hands, the egg still won't break. Amazing!! Well, I guess only I find it amazing because Kitt say "You don't know meh?". Haha.

Do you know that today is Agong's birthday? Well, I know you know but according to my sister, the first Saturday of June every year is Agong's birthday. I really don't know that. I thought Agong's birthday falls on 1st of June. I really pity the Agong because he has to celebrate his birthday twice a year. Or maybe 3 times. 1 is Agong's birthday. 2 is Sultan of his own state birthday (if there is such thing where the Sultan of that state has to celebrate birthday one that particular date even though it's not his birthday). 3 his real birthday. Haha.

You might not find it true and amazing but I do find them true and amazing. Haha.

Oh yeah, I've finished Grey's Anatomy Season 4, thanks to YouTube. The ending was... hanging... again. Have to wait for Season 5 I guess. Can't wait for Season 5 because at the Finale of Season 4, many new love relationship might blossom and old ones might vanish. Just have to wait and see. What Meredith did for Derek was really romantic. I think they made a really cute couple together. Awww.... As for Desperate Housewives, I can't find them on YouTube. I guess I'll be watching that series on 8TV every Tuesday night. Haha.

The recent price increase in petrol was really shocking, well for me. I never expect they will increase so much. 40%!!! From now on, no more speeding (because it's petrol consuming) and no more sudden acceleration. Have to stay at a certain speed. Well, that's what I heard from the radio. If we stay at a certain speed, we can save petrol. Besides petrol, our government has come out with a rule for all passengers in a vehicle to put on safety belt. I think this new rule is really good because it can save lives. There were many car accidents where the back passenger flew out from the car during the accident due to the big impact/force. It can save the life of the back passengers and also those that were sitting in front because if the back passenger fly to the front during accident, he/she will hit the front chair and will cause the front passenger to fly out from the car through the front window. It's really dangerous. Those that travel in buses will have to put on safety belts too. I'm losing confidence to the bus drivers nowadays because there were many road accidents caused by them. The bus companies do not care about the buses and the drivers. They ignore the summonses issued to the speeding drivers. How come they were not caught for failing to pay the summonses? I really have no idea. I think the government should look in this matter seriously. For those that often travel back hometown by bus, my advise would be choose the company for the bus properly. It's your own life. The ticket price may varied but your own life should be more valueable. Do not choose cheaper ticket than you own life.

Got to stop now.



=chuan guan= said...

so nice..always go jalan

Anonymous said...

i need to think for a second thought if i wan to go anywhere. bus, lrt or drive? say NO to drive..sigh~

Clarissa said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... snakes!! yucks.
i wanna watch kung fu panda too!!! ><