Monday, July 27, 2009

Awesome Blackie Four

I'm so happy today. I went for Thai food with friends at Sg Buloh. Yippie!! My last visit to this restaurant was like ... 3 to 4 years ago. It's deep in a kampung and all of a sudden there's this huge bungalow which was decorated nicely.

The toilet is very nice yet simple. One of the most beautiful toilet that I have ever visited. I know it's weird to comment about toilets but this one is too beautiful edi. Can't resist. Hehe :) I just love the fresh flowers on the basin top. Fresh roses wehhhh. Okay, I'm one of those girls who are crazy about flowers especially the certain colour of rose. If you know me well, you will know what colour that I'm talking about.

Eating companions of the day. All 3 of them have this really great patience for keep on u turn around Sg Buloh because I don't remember the way there very well. The last time I was there, the bridge is under construction. It's completed now but I have no idea which exit will leads us up the bridge. Furthermore, all 3 of them were really hungry at that time and it's around 4 something in the evening.

Besides that, I told them that I have no idea whether the restaurant is open today or not. Even if it's open, I don't know if they still serve food at that time. I mean, not many people will take their lunch around 4 something of the day right? It's way after lunch time and quite far away from dinner. Hehe. When we finally found the place, I'm really really happy. At least these hungry ppl stand some chance to eat. I am not hungry at all though. Hehe.

The corridor which leads us to the restaurant. I love their interior and exterior design because it so Thai-ish. It's like one of those hotel that I saw in Phuket last time. Gosh, talking about Phuket, I missed going to the beach. Never ever have any sunrise-and-sunset-watching experience before. Usually when I reached the beach in the evening, the sun is already gone. As for sunrise, it's a bit hard for me to wake up for it. By the time I'm wide awake, the sun is already high up in the sky. Haha.

Name of the restaurant. I think the umbrella is somehow their logo or something because I saw them on the grill of the windows as well.

Ohh, let's have a look at our food :)

Really really really really "old" but sweet coconut. I can't even remove the flesh from the coconut. It's really thick and hard :(

Our seafood tom yam. I prefer the one in Hulu Langat though. It's not spicy and sour enough. I'm not the only who think that way okay. My food companions for the day think the same way too.

The belacan kangkung. I love the carrot rose. It's so pretty :) Rose is one of my favourite colour. Just not this colour okay. But.... I have never see an orange colour rose though. I mean a real rose kind of rose. Ahh.... you get what I mean.

Thai syle beancurd. Basically it's Japanese toufu cooked together with seafood and chicken meat. It tasted quite nice though. Japanese toufu is my favourite toufu okay. Ohh, if you pay close attention to the photo, you will notice that the carrots in the dish is cut into a butterfly shape. It's so pretty!!

Pandan chicken. One of my favourite because it's boneless. Hehe. Furthermore, they minced the chicken meat first and mixed it with certain spices and wrapped it with pandan leaves. Quite nice actually just that it's a bit too oily for me :)

Those were basically what we had for lunch today. I'm glad that I have a bunch of great friends who are willing to go this place for me even though I kept on repeating that I have no idea if I know the way and not sure if they will like the food or not. For me, I love this place's interior and exterior design more than it's food. Not to say the food are not good. It's actually quite okay, in my opinion. Just that I prefer the one in Hulu Langat more :)

Okay, that's all for now. I have to attend to my princess Baby who is so emo right now because I'm not around for 2 days. She kept on jumping up on my lap and tap my hand so that I will sayang her. Attention seeker or what?!?!!?


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