Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~Tiggy and Piggy~

I'm really happy over the weekend. I've been dining at new places almost everyday from Sunday till today. My favourite will be yesterday's dinner at The Apartment. We have this heaven and hell version of food, which is very obvious to be identified through naked eyes :)

Let's start with Sunday :)

Went to Sunway for movie with Calvin. Before that, had lunch at Pasta Gohan. It's my first visit there. Since I'm not that hungyr, we ordered 2 different dishes and shared.

Our pasta and pizza. Since both of us love Unagi, he ordered the pasta with unagi and err...... unagi. Haha. I have no idea what else is inside *shy* But the cheese on the tiny pizza is kind of nice though. But the scallop is absolutely tasteless. I have no idea why it is tasteless. The prawns are suprisingly fresh :)

The dessert menu looks really pretty. Furthermore, they have my favourite green tea ice cream. Yippie!!

But I have no idea why the have to hide the ice cream though. The red bean paste is kind of nice cause it's not too sweet. Maybe a bit too hard for me though.

Overall ... well, can't give comment too soon because they have a lot of different types of pasta and we only had 1. Will visit again to try the rest :)

We watched Land of the Lost that day. Well, frankly speaking, it's not as bad as I thought. There were funny moments though. But I have to say, the aliens look really really really super uber ugly. They remind me of frogs :( creepy .....

After movie, we're supposed to have dinner with my family but mum cancelled it off. Humphh....

Ohhh... my favourite will be Monday's dinner :) We went to The Apartment at The Curve. This restaurant has been on the top of my Most Wanted list all this while. Was supposed to go there with the galz but then due to sudden last minute changes, I never dine at The Apartment before. So when Calvin asked me where do I want to go for dinner at The Curve, the first thing that crossed my mind was The Apartment. Luckily he has never been to that place before. Hehe.

Then interior really looks like a comfy home with huge dining area :) The food, well, I have to say mine is heaven while his is totally hell. Hahahahaha. I can't help laughing everytime I look at his food. To be fair, both of us ordered fish. Just that mine is fish sent from heaven!!! HAHAHAHA!! Don't believe?? Look at the photos :)

My fish, which was sent from heaven. Or maybe prepared in heaven. Or maybe served by angels. In short, this is the heaven version of fish.

This is his fish. You get what I mean? When it was served, I thought it was a chinese glutinous rice dumpling or something like that. It's really horrible. When I tried it, I nearly don't want to swallow the food. Besides looking horrible, it tasted kind of.... weird. I have no idea how he managed to finish the whole thing. The most funny moment was when he suddenly say "we must have dessert". Haha. I think it's to balance the hell fish so that at the end of the day he will have a neutral food content in the stomach. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

The Apartment is the third place I found in KL that serves...

Pavlova!!! This has to be the best dessert ever!!! The best Pavlova that I had was in Melbourne, baked by Aunty Peng Peng. It was really delicious. I keep on pestering my sister to make one back in KL but we don't have an oven at home. Haihhhh.... Well, this one has to be the best one around KL. The one in Delicious is too sweet. The fruit combination on the Pavlova by Alexis totally messed up the taste. The one from The Apartment has to be the 2nd best that I had so far. I know where to get this yummy thing next time when I'm craving for one :)

The Apartment is always a nice place for my galz outing. I can see us gossiping non stop at this place. It really feels like home :) furthermore, I'm in hands of a great companion that day. Thank you dear :)

Ohh... and I managed to get the pink water bottle at last!! It looks so pretty standing on my working table today. Even Wai Kin said it looks nice okay. Hehe *proud face*.

Well, today is another exciting day for food as well. Went for Korean lunch with Wai Kin today. Somehow, I think she's like a big sister figure to me. It's really comfortable talking just about anything especially personal matters to her. She's a great listener. Anyway, let's focus on the food that we ordered today, shall we?

The name of the place is KimchiHaru. It's located at B1 of Jaya One, which is basically just below my office :)

Our food. I ordered rice with thinly sliced pork while Wai Kin ordered something like seafood soup. Both of our dishes are really nice. Oh, did I mention that the interior of the restaurant is very pretty? It's all so white and clean. Both of us wondered if is it really this pretty in Korea as well?

Well that's all for the food update for the past 3 days. Happy happy :)

Today is Baby's birthday as well. She's officially 5 years old today, that old woman :) but to me, she's still the small and tiny puppy that I fell in love 5 years ago. Still so adorable and notty!!

Got to stop now.

My trip is next month. I'm so so so so excited!!!



Clarissa said...

the pizza is so tempting! and the ice cream is sooooo cute!!!!!!! ^^

Tracy said...

Be careful when consuming the free salad. I went to KimchiHaru two nights ago and since that night, I've been suffering such bad food poisoning that I'm now having to run to the bathroom at 15-minute intervals and my stomach is churning all day - this is after a whole day of medication. When I initially ate the salad, the dressing tasted a little off but I assumed it was the way it was supposed to taste. Even had a second round of salad (because food was so bland). And now I'm still paying for it because my doctor's fees so far have exceeded what I paid at the restaurant! The food at KimchiHaru wasn't even good - you'll get far better Korean food from Dae Jang Gum in Section 14, PJ, which is run by a Korean couple. And I can tell you that I've NEVER gotten sick after dining at Dae Jang Gum!

Anonymous said...

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