Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pink Sage = Best Breakfast!!

We have a small gathering to celebrate Ming Li and Rachel's birthday. We went to Food Foundry for dinner and noisy chatting session.

The complete Serayan girl gang. I think the last time we have a complete group photo was before Mei Yee went to UK, which was like 2 years ago???

Anyway, the food that night were extremely dissapointing. None of them were good. I think only my Dory fish is so-so. Serious!! Wai Leng and PuiC who previously dined at this place said that the food that they had last time were better than what we ordered that night. I think they must have changed chef or something. Whatever it is, the food is really not that good. Either tasteless or tasted really terrible.

Need to thank Jonny and his camera for all the good photos. I did not take any of the photos since Jonny is with us. Just sit back and keep on passing the food to him so that he would take photo of them :)

This is the Mediterranean Chicken that Calvin ordered. The waiter told us that it's chicken stuffed in vegetables!!! Haha. We couldn't help laughing at this description though. For me, it tasted a little bit like steamed chicken served with ginger sauce. Haha. But the chicken is tasteless.

This will be my Pan-Fried Dory Fish Fillet with Lemon Sauce (or something like that). The fish fillet is quite small. One can never go wrong with Dory fish though. I think it's the most edible dish that night. The mashed potato is really good though but it came without any gravy, so it's more like pure mashed potato. Haha.

Shin's lamb shank. I can't comment much about this because I forgot how it taste like *shy*

Leng's Chicken Cordon Bleu. This tasted really bad as well. I'm not a big fan of cheese, so it's quite hard for me to accept this dish. But all of them said that this is quite bad as well. Again, it's tasteless.

This chicken chop that more than half of those who attended the dinner ordered. Tastless.... again. I don't understand how can a restaurant that is quite famous could prepare such tasteless chicken chop. I don't understand.

After all the bad food, I don't think I will visit that place anymore unless I read reviews that they have improved. But at the moment, I don't think I will visit this place anymore. All the food are totally disaster.

Ohhh I'm so excited to share with all of you the best breakfast around KL. Well, at least in American Breakfast category okay. Me and Tsuey Wenn went to The Pink Sage which is very near to Cap Square on Saturday morning for breakfast. I read really good review about this place from other food blogs and can't resist the gorgeous looking pancakes :)

The top one is the Greasy Breakfast for TW and the bottom will be Stacked Breakfast for me. The beef ham is really good. For Stacked Breakfast, I got to choose the type of egg I want (scrambled, sunny side up, etc.), type of sausage (chicken, beef, lamb) and type of bread (white, rhye and the one I ordered, which I forgot it's name because it's quite long). The mushroom on my Stacked Breakfast is really really really super uber good. I like my breakfast more than TW's because it is less oily.

The both of us shared this gorgeous pancake. We poured two small container of maple syrup on it and it was really heaven. It's really good. Another place that serves really good pancakes for breakfast would be The Tappers which is located at the ground floor of my office. It's really soft and nice :) Me likey :p

My English tea. Since I'm having American Breakfast, might as well ordered something that would match the meal. Haha. But then it's really good. Better than Lipton :p Haha. Ohh, I added the brown sugar and it tasted better than white sugar though. It's more healthy as well :)

TW's Half Pint Hot Chocolate. This is the best hot chocolate that I ever have. It's really smooth and creamy. TW really like it too. Just wish that they have bigger size for this beauty :)

The breakfast that we had at The Pink Sage was uber satisfying. The both of us left with a full stomach and happy face. They serve lunch and dinner as well. Breakfast will be served whole day. Definitely will be back for more :)

Went to Sg Wang first to hunt for a simple yet comfy pair of flats for my upcoming trip. After 2 weeks of hunting at different major shopping complex (poor Calvin :p), I finally found one that I really like. After that, we went over to Pavillion to shop a little. Since me and TW have been walking non stop at Sg Wang, once we reached Pavillion we went straight to MOF for drinks and rest our tired feet for a while.

Wanted to try this place for a really long time. Since both of us were still full from the breakfast, we ordered drinks and the most good looking dessert on the menu :)

The one of the left is TW's Mango Smoothie which tasted like a stale fish. Haha. Serious. The taste is really really weird. As if they blend fish scales together with mango. Hehe. The one of the right will be Ribena with Apple. Nothing special about it but all I wanted on a hot day was just a cooling drink to maintain my sanity so that I will not go all grumpy and angry. Haha.

Our dessert. It's a combination of ice cream, red bean paste, fruits, clear jelly (at the bottom), the pink and white yellow thinggy on the left and tong-yuen-look-alike-and-taste-alike thingy on the right. The vanilla ice cream is really really smooth. Equally as good as Haagen but then I think they have a few flavours only. On the bottom of the bowl will be clear jelly which is tasteless but tasted quite good if eat it together with the white sauce (I think it's made of coconut milk with brown sugar). Will be there for more dessert and gossip session in the future.

On Sunday, went out with Calvin around noon. First stop would be his lunch and my brunch :p since I said anything but Western food, he brought me to this place at Uptown for our meal.
My Chicken Chop with sweet & sour sauce. The chicken tasted quite nice but then for me, the sauce is a bit too watery and tasteless.

His braised pork set. The braised pork is really good though. The texture is just right, not too soft. The dark gravy isn't too salty too. I think will be back for their mini steamboat. Looks cute though. I saw the size of the mini steamboat from the counter. It's not as mini as I thought but then anything mini sized will be my first choice (MINI COOPER!!!) Hahaha.

Went to 1U after that for the movie Up. I cried twice during the whole movie. It was really touching. The little old man reminds me of my grandpa. He's really really cute. And the old man, scout, weird bird and talking dog combination are really cute together. Overall, I think the cartoon is really cute and funny.

After movie, we went to Subang for dinner with his family. It was for his grandma's birthday. It will also be the first time I'm meet his parents. I'm so nervous but they turned out to be really fun people. More details if you ask me personally :) and photos... well, no food of photos. It's like normal Chinese food that you can find in a typical Chinese restaurant. If you wanna see group photos... well, that will have to wait for Calvin to upload them to Facebook then :)

Ohh, got to go. Need to sleep early as tomorrow will be early shift for me.


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hi WaiWai, just to confirm with you, your friend 'Tsuey Wenn' that you mentioned above, her full name is Tsuey Wenn Wong, born dec 1986?