Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry for the late update. Have been quite busy lately. Hopefully things will slow down just a little soon. 4 important events, 1 down and 3 more to go. Yippie :)

Let's talk about... well, food again. Haha. Sorry for the constant food updates because nothing much worth gossiping lately except Victoria Beckham will be replacing Paula Abdul in American Idol. Although I'm not a fan of the show but it sure will be weird without Paula sitting in the middle of Randy and Simon. She's always the nice judge....

Anyway, enough of drifting off topic. Paid The Cave a second visit. This time is for dinner, the first time was for drinks with friends :) The menu, well, can consider 90% western food. They do serve some Japanese food though, mostly sashimi. Definitely not my type :(

Calvin's chicken burger with standing salad. Haha. Serious, the chef arranged the lettuce standing on the bowl. It's really cute. Hehe. This has to be the least amount of fries found on a western food that I ever had. The burger, well, the chicken patty tasted like minced chicken meat with internal organ. Ewww.... but then Calvin said it's pure chicken meat. Oh well, my wrong :p On the top left is his drink. Tasted EXACTLY like iced milo!! Hahaha.

This is my lasagne. It's really really nice. Especially the slightly burned side. Hehe. Well, as usual, I ordered the food from heaven, again :p But my drink.. ughh, disgusting. It's something like a mixture of sprite with some other stuff that tasted like ... sour longkang water. Serious!! It's really really sour.

Since both of us were full at the end of the meal that night, we did not order any dessert. Furthermore, when we passed by the dessert fridge, nothing looks tempting. Just normal cakes. I think most of them were cheese cakes. Oh well ....

Then he's off to Bali for like forever!! Haha. No no no. Just (wahhh I can't imagine I used the word "just") 4 days 3 nights.... Okay. Let's skip the drama part. Haha.

We went out yesterday. Talked a lot about his trip to Bali and my "holiday" in KL. Haha. I was on a mission to search for the most simple yet comfy flats for my upcoming trip. I went to Mid Valley with Tsuey Wenn the other day. We walked the whole Mid Valley plus The Gardens and nothing.. I repeat.... NOTHING matches my description of "simple yet comfy but pretty" for a pair of flats that is worth me paying for it. BUT... when I entered Charles and Keith, I saw the most pretty bag ever. I held the bag and showed it to Tsuey Wenn while saying "very pretty, very pretty, very pretty, very pretty". Seriously, it really is pretty. REALLY. PRETTY. I wanted to add it to my bag family but decided to say no. I'm looking for a pair of flats, remember? *determined face* I will not simply shop for unnecessary items before my upcoming trip because I planned to shop till crazy there. Can you imagine, me, the me as in me, did not shop for since May. DID. NOT. SHOP. This will be my proudest achievement in my life so far. Haha. But the evil Tsuey Wenn tried to tempt me into buying the bag. She likes the bag too. I don't mind if the both of us bought the exact same bag since both of us used the same wallet. Haha. But no, I did not get the back *sad face* I saw the bag again in Sunway and pointed it out to Calvin. He said it's nice as well okay *depressed face* AHHHHH... I want that bag so so so so much that I am willing to eat the fish from hell. That is how much I wanted the bag. Seriously, it's very pretty.

Okay. Shall not drift away from topic again. Since I hate brunch yesterday while he had breakfast (gosh, he is so healthy.... tsk tsk tsk), I just admired him eating at The Popeyes. He had some boneless chicken which tasted quite nice but the fried batter is absolutely tasteless. The mashed potato is really really absolutely delicious. The coleslaw has this weird taste that I don't know how to describe.

After walking around, I told him that I'm hungry. Haha. Since it's nearly dinner time, he suggested something light. We passed by this dessert stall earlier. So we went back to the same stall. It's called My Honeymoon Dessert. They have nearly 70 different types of dessert. We had a tough time choosing what to order.

This is what I ordered. The black colour is Marble Soy Bean Curd while the white one, well, the normal bean curd. The marble one tasted a bit like... marble. At the end of the meal, I told Calvin my tongue tasted really sandy, really like eating marble. Hahaha. Serious. And for the first time in my entire life, I think that the tau fu fa water tasted really good. Calvin found it really weird and hilarious. Haha.

This is what he ordered. Something like helly with aloe vera and coconut milk. So so only :) okay la, not bad but not too good either. He thought it's something like ice blended but actually it's just served cold. Haha.

After that, we headed straight to Sakae Sushi for dinner. I wanted Japanese food because it's my happy food. Everytime I have Japanese food, I will be really happy because of their presentation of the food. It's all really pretty and nearly all of them tasted really nice :)

My soft shell crab temaki. The best that I had so far is the one just below my office, Hanazen Japanese Restaurant. Seriously, the set meals in Hanazen isn't really that expensive. Normal price found in Japanese Restaurant. Serious :)

The first thing that I caught my attention when I browsed through the menu while waiting to be seated was duck meat. I found this set on the menu that comes along with tempura and my favourite taufu. The taufu is really really good. The duck meat, well, a bit too salty. Maybe it's because of the sauce.

Both of us love Unagi so he ordered this for us. It's quite nice but there's something in the middle that's really hard. I thought I broke my tooth. Haha.

His salmon sashimi which he did not order but he still eat it anyway. Haha. I found it a bit ... disturbing ... to eat raw fish. But he said it's really nice. Oh well....

His raw salmon sushi. Nothing to comment since I did not taste it. Haha.

This is really really good. He was having a hard time trying to convince me that the prawn is cooked. Haha. I am very doubtful to put it in my mouth because I don't eat anything raw. The sauce on top is kind of nice though. Okay la, actually this one is really nice. Happy, dear? Hehe.

My chilled baby octopus. My Japanese meal will never be complete without these babies. Before I put them in my mouth, I told Calvin that it's kind of cruel to be eating this little babies because they are still, well, young. But after all the drama and pity, I consumed them happily. Seriously, they are the best appetizer on earth. Really.

Okay. I ended the week with a happy face, satisfied tummy and a pretty bracelet :) thank you dear :)


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