Friday, September 11, 2009

Taiwan Day 1

Hi people. I'm back from my Taiwan trip. Went there for 10 days with Sai Weng. The weather was really crazy in those 10 days. Really really crazy.

Let's start with day 1

Our flight was 10am in the morning. Which means we need to reach the airport before by 8am to check in. Calvin sent both of us the airport. That's really sweet of him. Thank you so much dear :) Have to wake up at 5 something and left the house at around 6 something. Reached the airport early and had McD for breakfast. Our plane was delayed 1 hour due to heavy rain. Damn.... it's a bad start already :( The flight from KL to Taiwan was around 5 hours. Brought along a new book about vampire and love. Read nearly half of it on the plane.

Reach Tao Yuan Airport at around 4 something in the evening. Sai Weng's friend Yi Yuan (not the exact spelling) and his gf were waiting for us at the airport. We then headed to our motel somewhere Taipei town.

This is what the motel looks like. Even though it's really small but it's quite comfortable. The Snoopy on the bed comes together with the room. The white and cute teddy bear in front is my Boi Boi :) The small room comes with air cond, water heater and also tv with 90 plus channels :) (including cartoon and AXN... yay!!!).

This is the little toilet. The sight of water heater made me happy. Even though the toilet is small, but the ventilation is quite good. Good ventilation is most important for people like me who shower with warm water. Good ventilation prevent me from fainting in the toilet due to the heat from the warm water :)

After settling down, we rest a while before heading out. Our motel is very near to the MRT station which is very convenient for tourist like us. I love their MRT very much because it's very spacious and people do line up before getting into the train. One can travel nearly to each corner of Taipei by using the MRT. The charges from station to station varies from NT20 to NT70. We headed to Xi Men Ding for our first meal and light shopping :)

We visited the toilet-themed restaurant.

Before this trip, I read so much about this restaurant. The seats were made of toilet bowls which were decorated nicely. Tables were either made of sink or bath tub. Most of the food were served in mini toilet bowl and some food were arranged to look like shit. Haha. It's so cute. The big pink shit on the entrance is the mascot of the restaurant I guess. It's one big hell of pink shit though. Haha.

We ordered different set meals. I had curry chicken, which was not so nice because the curry is sweet instead of spicy. Sai Weng had cordon blue. Each set comes with a drink and ice cream as dessert.
This, which I think is toilet roll, is absolutely hard to swallow. It tasted really really really weird and .... weird. That is the only word that can be used to describe this black toilet-roll lookalike thinggy.

Our ice cream were served in ... sink I guess :) The ice cream melted really fast. We did not finish them because the first sight looks like shit and when it melted, it looks like diarrhea shit. Hahaha. Really!! It's kind of disgusting. The gross level was enhanced by the colour of the ice cream. Haha.
We left this on our table's sink. Hehe. Do we love our company or what?!?!?!

After the not-so-good meal, we walked around and did some shopping.

It was Tuesday night, it's not too crowded there. We walked the whole Xi Men Ding in one night. But seriously, some of the stuff there isn't really cheap. I could find cheaper skirt in Sg Wang or even The Curve or maybe Kota Damansara as well. So in the end, did not buy any skirt or dress there.

We passed by this shop call Mister Donut that sells, well, doughnuts :p

I thought the doughnut will be decorated or in the shape of these 2 cuties. Since they don't allow me to take photos in the shop, I can't show you the varieties of doughnuts they have in the shop. But none of them looks like the cute lion or the sheep. Was a bit disappointed though because the doughnuts are just, well, round. No cute lion or sheep :( I thought they will taste nice but I'm so wrong. They don't taste like doughnut at all!! Sai Weng said it tasted like those Malay kuih. Haha. I think J Co and Big Apple's doughnuts are better.

After Xi Men Ding, we headed back to the night market near the place we stay for more walking and food.

Our first stop was Fried Chicken Chop. They have roast chicken chop as well. But it turns our to be fried chicken chop added with some seasoning and then roast in the oven for the few minutes and wahhhlaaa, roasted chicken chop -_-" I think it's kind of lame to roast a fried chicken chop. I thought it's roasted kind of roast chicken chop instead of fried kind of chicken chop. We choosed seaweed flavour and it's not nice at all!!

We then bought Tako as I'm quite a fan of Tako. I think they taste better when they are still hot. The taste was just okay okay. The one in Sg Wang beats this one. Hehe.
This drink is really a thrist quencher. It's Aiye Ping, I guess. I don't really remember. Haha. It's quite nice and the lady who sells the drink is quite pretty and cute as well :)
This store is really famous I guess because people were lining up in front of this stall. It's something like lightly stewed food. You can choose from fish balls, pig's ear, internal organs, noodle and vegetables. Me and Sai Weng only have this once and we did not ordered much. But after that meal, everytime we pass by similar store in night markets, the smell of this food made us nausea and weird. I think it's really freaky that one meal of this had left such a big impact on us. It has the power to make us vomit. Serious. The smell is as same as terrible as the stinky tofu. Ewww... okay. Have to stop talking about this now because even the slight thought of it is enough to make me feeling uneasy.

This is what we bought on our first day at Taiwan. The Roxy perfume is for myself because my one back home is going to finish. Furthermore, it's cheaper in Taiwan!! The rest are T-shirts.

Well, that sums of the first day (more like half-day) in Taiwan. Will update the rest real soon :)



waileng said...

ehh seems like the food so far...not that nice leh...

Anonymous said...

hi.just wanna ask how much did you pay for the motel?what's the name of the motel?