Sunday, October 4, 2009

~Nom nom nom~

Good morning people. I had a busy week. My shift is changed to 8 am to 5 pm for the past few days and it's really tiring. Thought that I will wake up late today but ended waking up at 8 am, thanks to my Baby. Just ... great :) Baby is sleeping happily now after breakfast, while I'm wide awake O_O I'm so jealous of Baby.

Okay, after my Taiwan trip, it's time for pre and post Taiwan trip. Hehe. Had a lot of interesting food lately, thanks to Calvin who is willing to storm into an unknown restaurant with me and order anything that looks interesting :)

Let's start with Pre Taiwan :p

Visited the Honeymoon place again at Sunway Pyramid. Ordered different type of dessert this time.

This is actually something like Mochi but then it's a little bit more chewy than the normal one we get from pasar malam. The thing is actually warm. Just roll the balls over the peanuts so that they will stick to it. So-so only :)

This is his Sea Coconut with tau fu fa with coconut milk. Tasted kind of ... erm ... can't say weird but the combination might be a little too sweet :)

My watermelon and clear grass jelly. When I browsed through the menu, I wanted something that is cooling because lately it's so damn hot!!! Watermelon is my good friend and also enemy fruit. When I order that day, it's my good friend :) hehe.

Visited Decanter for a special occasion with Calvin. I've been there once for drinks with colleagues but never try their main course before. Saw some photos from Benny's Facebook the other day and he told me it's from Decanter. So I suggested this place to Calvin since it's near my office and we don't have to stuck in the jam after work :)

For starters, we ordered escargot. The sauce was amazing. Goes well with the escargot. I love escargot served this way because you don't have to remove the snail from it's shell and you don't have to worry that the shell is recycled. I heard rumours about escargot actually comes frozen in packet with just the meat. The chef will then just stuff the escargot into the shells. So meaning... the shells are actually being recycled. Come to think of it, I had boiled escargot in Malacca last week. When I pull out the thing from the shell, the body was actually longer than the one that I normally had in restaurant. So the rumours might be true....

My sheperd's pie. Was not in the mood for any heavy poultry that day, so decided to order this. I never have a pie as my main before. It's actually mashed potaton on the top with bolognise meat underneath it. Really really nice.

Calvin's steak. When he ordered this, I was surprised because he don't take beef that often. But the meat was really juicy and good. Went well with the mushroom sauce :)

We shared Peach and Banana Crumble with custard. It was really good. I'm not really a big fan of banana cake but this is delicious. It is served warm and additional charge applies for the custard. We had a wonderful time eating at Decanter. Will visit again to try other food. They serve Asian food as well :)

That's all about Pre Taiwan.

Fast forward....


Went to 1U for movie with Calvin and had brunch at Dave's Deli. I always walked by the place but never dine in before. Since both of us were hungry and can't decide on what to eat, we just went to LG. When we passed by, I suggested we give this place a try. Left the place really disappointed.

His pasta. Seriously, it's just so-so. Nothing to be fancy about. But sometimes I do really wonder why do certain pasta stinks like shit?? They might taste good but then smells really like shit. The meatball is nearly black in colour. Scary~~

My chicken pie. Was not hungry that day, so just ordered a pie. When Mei Yee saw this photo from my phone, she thought it's abalone. Haha. She's so cute. Back to the food, this is not nice at all. The sauce is white in colour and I think they put too much pepper on it. No good!!!

For Calvin's birthday, he took me Federal Hotel and we had dinner at the Revolving Bintang Restaurant. It's something similar to KL Tower Revolving restaurant (which I have never been to). The revolving speed isn't too fast. Maybe it's a bit old because the it isn't that smooth rotation anymore. It's a little bit rocky. One whole turn is nearly 45 minutes, I think.

Our starter. Both of us love escargots very much but this is just not really good because it's dried. No gravy on them. Only a small amount of cheese only :(

Different types of bread was served together with the starter. I had the most pretty one. Haha. Taste just like normal bread, just prettier :p

My main was chicken in creamy sauce with rosti. Had the most amazing rosti at Mache few years back at Singapore. It was really really good. Can't find one that is as good as the one I first had. This one tasted just normal.

I don't know why, Calvin is not very lucky with fish dishes. This is another hell fish again but not as bad as the one from Delicous. I forgot the name of the fish but it is absolutely .... ugly and scary and .... not nice at all. He was a bit full from lunch that day, so he did not finish the whole dish. I can't finish mine either because the portion was really huge.

Calvin suggested for dessert because I love dessert. The only thing in the menu that I never have before was this crepe. I thought it's something like a cake but then it turned out to be this. This has to be the most weird dessert I ever had. Taste really bad as well. It's actually something like roti canai in warm peach gravy with colourful cereals and ice cream. We finished the ice cream. It's hard for me to swallow the roti canai lookalike thing. Damn scary!!!!

View from our seat when the restaurant was revolving. I think KLCC and KL Tower looked really scary from my camera. Both of them looked like ghost!! Haha. Even though the food isn't that good, but we enjoyed ourselves that night.

The next day, he brought me to this place at The Curve called Ah Tuan Ee's place for dinner. It was something like Peranakan food. For me, it's more like Malay food. Haha.

Our dishes for the night. The fish is a bit too salty. Taufu and vegetable was good. Even though the place was kind of hidden from the main street along The Walk, the restaurant was actually nearly full house that day. Maybe it's because Malay people can dine in there as well. The food is halal. Not bad ... not bad...

During the weekend, we celebrated Pui See's birthday. Since she's a big fan of anything related to Korea, we had Korean BBQ dinner at Ampang that night. There were 24 of us and it's actually quite hard to eat dinner together. It's even hard to find a Korean Restaurant that could fit us all. We don't want to be seperated into 2 to 3 tables. Then it wouldn't be having dinner together right? But even though we are sitting on this long table, our conversation did not go too far. Oh well, at least we tried :)

The side dishes for the day. The stewed potatoes, brinjals and some shoots are my favourites!! They are really really good. We kept refilling those 3 side dishes the whole night.

Korean style nin gou. It's something like thick noodle fried together with spicy paste with vegetables. It was kind of good :)

The beef bimbimbab. I don't like this at all. The rice are quite hard, as if they are not fully cooked. I don't want any indigestion okay :)

BBQ pork for our table. It's a bit too dry and over cook. Maybe it's because we were too busy chatting that night. Hehe :)

Chicken ginseng soup. The chicken is really small and cute ~~ maybe it's a mini chicken ... or maybe korean chicken. Haha.

I think this is chicken. Marinated with some sauce, which isn't really nice. I prefer pork over chicken for Korean BBQ. Not all Korean marinated chicken are nice after BBQ.

This is the kimchi pizza. I tried this once previously. It's a bit spicy but tasted kind nice :)

Pui See's birthday cake. I think it's Black Forest. Bought this from Mid Valley after work. Purposely get a small cake because everybody will be very full from the dinner. So a small slice for every one was just nice. But then I heard Nicole's table is not full and their bill turned out to be quite expensive. I don't know what went wrong.

After dinner, we went over to Pui See's place for chatting session and planned for a Malacca trip on the following Saturday. Will blog the most fun trip I had with my loved ones so far next entry :p

It was my off day on the first day of Raya. Went to KLCC. I vowed to never go KLCC again during public holidays because it was fulled with foreign workers that day. It was really really scary because all of them looked very fierce. I kept hiding behind Calvin. He found it funny -_-" Went to Dome for our lunch.

This is his lunch. It's not fair that he can order a dessert as his main while I can't. He said he's still full from breakfast so he can straight go for dessert. I can't because .... I have no idea why. Hahaha. The chocolate brownie was really good. I don't really fancy chocolate brownie because most of them were really hard. This is surprisingly quite soft, especially the bottom part. Me like :)

My creamy seafood pasta. I never have this for the longest time. I nearly forgot how it tastes like. But the one I had that day was quite dry. The amount of creamy sauce was quite depressing. The portion was really big, so I did not finish the whole thing. But, the prawns were really fresh :) Me like this too :)

The drink in front is how I got my e-mail address. Apple crush. It's really really good. I love apples a lot but I don't like holding an apple and eat. I prefer to cut out the seeds part and then only eat. If I'm really lazy, I will order apple juice. But they turn green very quickly. But Apple Crush won't! I just love this drink a lot!! But I don't know how to prepare this. Anybody knows the recipe? Please share it with me if it's really easy to prepare :P otherwise, just forget about it. Haha.

During the Raya weekend, Kian Shen and bro held a Pesta Memasak at their place. Everybody will have to bring food cooked by themself to the party or they have to pay some amount of fine. I was working that day, so I can't cook. After work, I went to Cold Storage and bought some roasted chicken. They don't look delicious but I don't have other choices okay.

The sight of male dominating the kitchen is really rare. Ask Wai Leng and Pui See about it and they will have this bahagia smile on their face. Haha.

Kian Shen's dogs. Both of them are really huge. I think the one in black is called Scooby while the German Sheperd is called Rambo. Not really sure. Hehe.

This is Kian Tatt cooking his famous bittergourd with egg. They said the bittergourd is too bitter. I don't take bittergourd, so I can't judge :)

Hon Mun, the talented chef who is trying to chop his hand with the back of the knife. Haha. He's actually mincing the chicken thigh (he thought it is chicken breast) to cook with long bean (he thought it is kangkung). He may be a good chef but he's all confused by the name of the ingredient. Haha.

The amount of different chicken dishes that night with Pui See tapioca fries. She never realised that they were tapioca fries until she threw the plastic bag away. Haha. Silly :p

On the left is Chai's ABC soup and the one on the right is orange juice mixed with small amount of Vodka. Did not drink much because of sore throat.

Kian Tatt's bitter gourd with egg. Due to the bitterness, they all finished the eggs first and left only the bittergourd behind. Haha.

Food for the Pesta Memasak that night. All meat... no green vege :p

This is Hon Mun's long bean with belacan and chicken meat. They said it's really good, just a bit too spicy. Hon Mun should be a chef instead of engineer leh :p

Visited a restaurant that I have not been for ages that served my favourite prawn noodle :)

The Greenview restaurant, which is very near to my office, is my favourite place for prawn noodle. The prawns are huge and fresh. The vegetable is my favourite too because all the ingredients are very crunchy. We tried a new dish that day. Minced chicken meat with sweet and sour sauce. It was quite nice and appetizing due to the sourness.

That's all for the pre and post Taiwan nom nom nom. Will blog about Malacca nom nom nom trip the next entry.


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