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One Day Malacca Nom Nom Nom

Good morning people :) It’s my day off and I have no idea why I woke up so early today. Last night went to Red Box for K Session with my galz and bfs. Even though I did not sang much, at the end of the day, I nearly lost my voice. Imagine Jonny and Calvin!!! :)

Okay, it’s time to blog about the funniest and most enjoyable short trip of the year. After Pui See’s birthday dinner, we went over to her house for chatting session. I forgot who suggested to go Malacca the next day since it’s a Public Holiday. We started planning where to eat and what to eat. Initially, Ming Li couldn’t join us because she’s having exam. Halfway through, I suggested change the date to the following Sunday so that Ming Li and King Hui could tag along. Everybody agreed!

Early in the morning of 270909, 2 black cars headed to Malacca for the food trip. Our target is to eat as much as food that we can within one day.

First stop :

177 Donald and Lily Corner recomended by Ming Li. This little stall is hiding behind the row of shops facing Jonker Street. Even though it’s secluded, there were quite amount of customers that day.

We were really hungry because all of us have not taken our breakfast yet. But the thought of stuffing ourselves  trying more food, we ordered 2 portions of the most famous dishes and shared them.



The curry chicken, which was quite nice. The meat and potato are really soft. Went well with white rice.


175 Nyonya Rojak. Ingredients include fishball, tauhu, cucumber, chili sauce and peanuts. This is my first time eating fishball rojak. Tasted kind of … interesting. I actually forgot that I’m having rojak. I thought it’s some fishball dishes. Haha.



This is some kind of stewed chicken with mushroom and potatoes. I just love dishes with potatoes that were cooked till they are really, really, really soft and infused with the flavour of the dish. The sight of mushroom made me happy :)



Group photo in front of the stall :)


After a light breakfast, we headed for chicken rice ball (not sure if the name is correct or not).


Since the restaurant is really small, we were divided into 2 separate tables. Each table ordered half chicken and 15 rice balls. The chicken was served boneless, suitable for lazy people like me. Hehe. The chicken was really soft and according to Wai Leng, there’s actually some ginger chicken broth at the bottom of the plate. Apparently, the chicken was stuffed with ginger before cooking.



The rice balls which look like fishball :) I ate only 2 of them and gave on to Calvin. Was having fever the day before, so don’t dare to take so much rice.


We are very lucky that day because we reached that restaurant quite early. We don’t have to queue up. According to Wai Leng, customers will have to line out outside of the restaurant under the hot sun and can only go in when the worker ask you to. You can’t just walk in and stand beside a table. No no no no no no. When we left that place, there’s already a long queue outside the restaurant. I guess people are willing to queue under the hot sun for the good food :)


Next, we had cendol at this place called Museum Restaurant. There are a few antiques displayed in the restaurant. I don’t really eat cendol because of the green colour worms. They’re scary!


I just ate the honey sea coconut found at the bottom of the ice shavings while Calvin ate the rest. Hehe. I do pity him because I only eat what I like and left those that I don’t like to him :) I know it’s bad but then…. I can’t help it. Hehe. Luckily he’s not as picky as me when it comes to food. In fact, he’s not picky in anything :p



The 10 of us shared these 2 plates of nasi lemak. One is with curry chicken and the other one is with sambal udang. I don’t really fancy the rice because it’s still wet but most of them love the rice because they said it’s really coconut-milky. But all of us love the sambal. Not too spicy, just perfect!!


Next, we walked around Jonker Street. I hate walking under the sun. Thanks to Jonny who lend me his umbrella and Calvin for carrying the umbrella for me, I did not turn red like a monkey’s ass at the end of the day :)


After Cendol, we went to another place recomended by Ming Li call Nancy’s Kitchen for their kuih.





We ordered a few famous kuih and headed upstairs. Actually it’s Wai Leng and Ming Li who choosed the kuih. The last photograph looks a bit fake because I asked them to look naturally and this is their definition of natural. Haha. But Pui See was really pissed off at the restaurant’s owner because of bad customer service. Pui See asked one guy if the kuih can tahan until tomorrow or not. The guy answer “You come back and buy tomorrow la!”. How rude is that!! Pui See was really angry that at the end she did not buy anything.






Among all the kuih, I only ate the blue and white sticky rice. I’m not a big fan of the popiah, pai tee, kuih koci and the banana-leaf-wrap-thinggy. They said the popiah is speciah because it contains deep fried pig’s fat (the one that you can find in hokkien mee). The banana-leaf-wrap-thinggy is actually filled with sticky rice and minced dried prawns. The blue and white sticky rice was my favourite but the kaya is not really nice.

There’s a photo of us giving thumbs down in front of the restaurant due to it’s bad service. But the kuihs were undeniably good.

We headed to this place near Eye of Malaysia for pork satay.



This restaurant serves pork, pork intestine, pork liver, chicken and lamb satay. I still prefer the pork and pork intestine satay in Ipoh though.


We then headed for this …


It’s something like Cendol but it’s white and pink in colour. It’s really pretty. It’s some kind of dessert which is really famous because the stall was featured in some newspaper. I just tasted like 2 strands of the pink one. Quite good though. Superb for hot day like that day.



The pisang goreng was really crispy and sweet. Did not try the mee rebus because I don’t like mee rebus. Vince, who is an expert in mee rebus, commented that the mee rebus is not nice at all because it doesn’t taste like mee rebus. More like dry curry mee. Haha.


We then headed to this cafe near Mahkota Parade. I actually recomended this place because of the crepe. The one I had in KL is nothing compared to this.


Besides crepe, this restaurant sells different types of cake as well. Since our main purpose of going there was for the crepe, we ordered one piece of crepe from all the flavours they have.


My favourite will be Green Tea and original. they have Chocolate Banana, Rum & Raisin & …. I forgot the last one. Hehe. Anyway, all of them love the crepe very much. Some were first timer of crepe and they absolutely love it. Since this cafe is air-conditioned and has this comfortable sofas, we stayed there for quite long for chit-chat.

After that, we went to search for Duck Noodle but was told that it is only open for breakfast. So we headed for Satay Celup.






We were the first few customers for the day, so our satay gravy was actually brand new. No worries of it being recycled. Hehe. But this restaurant actually change the satay gravy everytime new customers arrive. So, it’s not actually that yucky.

After all the food, we headed to Eye of Malaysia for photos session.






All of them were trying to shoot Pui See jump shot. It was really funny. I laughed till I cannot stand straight. More funny photographs can be found at Jonny, King Hui and Wai Leng’s facebook photo album. After all that eating, laughing really hard will be a good digestion aid :p

After all the laughing and jumping, we headed to back alley seafood stall.




They have boiled si ham, clams and snails. We ordered 2 plates of each. Wai Leng recomended this place because it’s really nice and cheap.


We have to sit on small stools and this is our table. The holes in the middle is actually for us to dump the shells into it. Smart eh. When cleaning the table, the workers will just have to push everything down into these holes. But make sure you don’t look into the holes while eating because it’s definitely not a beautiful sight.


The sauce for us to dip the seafood. It’s something like spicy satay sauce. Hehe.




I love the clams very much because they are very fresh. The snails are not bad too. I don’t take the si ham because it’s bloody. Yuck!!


After that, the girls went shopping for “bak tong gou”. I don’t really eat them but this uncle has been selling the “bak tong gou” for nearly 20 years. He’s really friendly and even free one “bak tong gou” for Ming Li because she bought a lot of them.


After that, we headed to our last stop, ikan bakar!! I have always wanted to visit this place because I’m a big fan of ikan bakar ever since my first ikan bakar experience at Mid Valley’s Oasis foodcourt. Wai Leng once told me about this place that she went with her family for ikan bakar and it’s really nice.



First, we have to choose our fish. They have a wide variety of fish. They choosed stingray and squid.


The nasi lemak, which was not nice (according to Ming Li). Luckily I have not open my packet yet, so I quickly put it back into the basket :p


The otak-otak which I don’t like due to a few factors. The red colour of the fish paste is not pretty at all. It tasted like eating plastic fish. I prefer fried otak-otak. Hehe :p




Our asam squid and ikan bakar. Some of us, like me and Jonny, still prefer those ikan bakar that has sambal on them. Perfect if taken with rice. I don’t really like the dried ikan bakar because it’s really dry. According to Wai Leng, their stingray is better than our. Some say it’s because of different part of the stingray. Some say it’s because theirs are more fresh. So… I don’t really know what is the real reason :p

That’s the end of our short Malacca food trip. We spent nearly RM 70 for petrol, toll and food for each person on the whole trip. It’s really cheap. I really enjoyed myself very much during this whole trip. Like I said, it’s one of the best short trip so far. Looking forward for the next makan trip with them, which will be somewhere around November. Which is also someone’s birthday *hint hint hint* :p


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