Sunday, October 11, 2009

Non-Western Food Week


Gosh, I’m awake at 8am on a Sunday morning. I think I’m at the stage of old people where they sleep very early and wake up early too. But then I slept quite last last night and woke up early this morning. Hence the panda eyes :( I don’t want!!! Maybe I’m worried about not being able to find the perfect dinner gown :( I saw this really pretty dress online but then it belongs to someone. I bet it’s expensive :( wuu wuu wuu.


Let’s move on and talk about something not-so-happy. Supposed to be happy but I have to be on diet for my sis’s wedding. Gained a few kilos lately due to good food with Calvin. It’s all his fault okay :p not me :p *innocent face*.


Went to The Curve last Sunday to sing k with Wai Leng they all. Me and Calvin reached early so that I could do some shopping. More like window shopping. Haha. I did not have lunch that day, so was really hungry. He suggested Pavlova from The Apartment because he knows it’s my favourite :) But then we reached there, I suggested to try something else. And we ordered this (it’s more like I ordered this :p)



It’s called the Eton’s Mess. I was actually more attracted to the name than it’s content when I choose my order. The name sounds really cute :p It’s something like pavlova but the bottom sweet icing is crushed and served with a lot of strawberries and strawberry syrup. Love it :p



His hot chocolate. I think the one from The Pink Sage looks better though :) But it’s as nice as the one from The Pink Sage.


The K session was really nice. I can’t stop laughing when Calvin and Jonny sang the opera-like song. Haha. It was so funny. We sang from 8pm till 11pm. Since the next day was my off day, it’s still okay for me :p


The following week will be like Chinese and Japanese week. Tried both Japanese Restaurant at Jaya One. First stop will be Kissaten. I have never try this place before, so Calvin suggested that we try this place first.





I have no idea why their dinner set is more expensive than the lunch set. The top 2 photos were my dinner set and the last one was Calvin’s. Seriously, I was kind of disappointed at the menu because I was expecting authentic Japanese food menu. This is more like Fusion Japanese food. But my udon with salted pork was kind of nice. The gyoza is not nice at all. Maybe a little too dry. Calvin’s fried chicken chop was just okay but the sauce is too sour. That’s all for Kissaten :)


Another Japanese restaurant at Jaya One will be Hanazen. It’s currently my favourite Japanese Restaurant. Their food were really really good :) Me like :)



Like me, Calvin is a big fan of unagi as well (happy happy :p) He ordered this set because it comes with sashimi, which he said was really fresh. I’m glad he like this place just as much as me. Ohhh if you’re going there for dinner, especially on Friday night, make sure you go early or make reservation. That restaurant was packed on Friday night. The tables placed outside were fully occupied as well. Amazing :)



My seafood teppanyaki set. I previously had Chicken teriyaki (yum yum) and chicken teppanyaki at this place. So decided to go for seafood this time. It’s really nice as ell. Maybe a bit too oily. Me like me like :) At the end of the meal, both of us were really full that it’s very hard to walk. Haha.


Yesterday will be the first day me start hunting for a perfect and pretty dinner gown for my sister’s wedding dinner end of this year (which is like … 2 months away *panic panic*). Yesterday was also my sister and Brandon kor kor’s registration day. 10/10/2009. Easy to remember date. So Brandon kor kor… make sure you don’t forget your wedding anniversary ya :p furthermore, there’s no excuse to forget the date. Haha. Photos are still with Calvin. He need to photoshop some photographs before he can send to my sister. Mum specially request it to be uploaded to Facebook and tag her as well. Yes…. my mum has an Facebook account *serious face* She even told us a Facebook war between she and an ex colleague’s wife (which she printed out the e-mail thread and showed to other colleagues *gasp*). Seriously, don’t mess with my mum and her daughters. She will “reply” you with something that you can never imagine. Haha.


Anyway, after the registration, me and Calvin headed to Sunway Pyramid (since I insisted he leave the camera at home instead of in his car even though he said camera’s cannot be detected…. seriously, the camera is really expensive. If anything happens to it, I don’t have the money to pay it back okay lor :( ). We finished the whole shopping centre in less than 1 hour. Because my plan was just to search for a long dinner gown and that’s all. Nothing. Else. *serious look* haha. But I don’t know how long my determination can stand this way :p


We bought tickets for The Surrogates. Seriously, the movie is not nice because I don’t know what is the purpose of the old guy anyway. he suddenly commit suicide at the ending of the movie!?!?!? Haihhh……


Before the movie, we went to Berry Passion for drinks and light … umm… food :p


Novanned suggested this place to me if I were to visit Cameron Highland. They served all types of food and drinks related to strawberries. So both of us ordered the signature Strawberry Blended and Strawberry Lemonade. We even ordered Chocolate Fondue because someone *coughs* who was supposed to be on diet  was hungry even after just a few hours from dim sum brunch. Tsk tsk tsk tsk… It’s all Calvin’s fault :p hahaha. Anyway, the Strawberry blended was really nice. Really concentrated. The Strawberry Lemonade might be a little too sour. The Chocolate Fondue could be better if the chocolate is a bit sweeter because the strawberries were really sour.


That’s all for the last week.


If you all have suggestions on where to find the perfect and pretty dinner gown which does not costs a bomb, do let me know. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :p



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