Monday, November 2, 2009

I met a new guy :)

Hi people. Sorry for the late update. As usual, have been very busy with work. There were times that when I reached home, after a hot shower I went straight to bed. Yes, with my hair still wet. I can hardly keep my eyes open :)

I’m going to talk about my new guy for this post. Is it Calvin? Well, you will have to read to find out. There’s a photo of this cute guy at the end of the post :)

Even though I’m tired and he’s tired as well, he never failed to fulfil my random cravings :)


There’s a sudden crave for pretty cupcakes after dinner. Even though I’m supposed to be on diet for my sister’s wedding, I am on this constant crazy crave for random food everyday. The best part is I get to choose whatever flavour I want. He basically eats everything I eat :)



Random crave for drinks were satisfied as well. Starbucks have to be my favourite place to hang out with ipod and a good book. It’s also a great place for gossip session with my galz but some find it quite expensive. And now I realised it’s just the most comfortable place ever to hang out with him on a hot day when I’m sick of shopping (yes….. it’s rare) or I’m frustrated and can’t stop mumbling on why the shoe shops only put size 5 heels on display!?!? I don’t freaking understand okay. I guess he doesn’t either but poor him have listen to the same mumbling every time i go heels hunting :p Oh well, I guess starbucks isn’t that bad eh :p Ohhh we also test my camera smile detection mode at starbucks. As usual, he will be my test subject :)




Last but not least, the high demand of new places to eat for dinner. I want a new place all the time. There is this shop called Face to Face near his house which serves noodle. Imagine the horror on my face when the dried pan mee that I ordered comes with an egg which is still quite raw. O_O <--- the horror look on my face. He did offer to exchange our food but the stubborn and lembu me decided to say no. Well, it’s not as bad as I though. Just mix everything together and hope that the heat from the noodle will cook the egg further. Haha. Surprisingly, the noodle was really good. I think it tastes better without mixing the dry chilly though.


Ohh wait. There’s is one last random thing that I had last week. The urge to visit Toy R Us was fulfilled by him as well. We even thought that we might have first met each other there when we were young. Haha. Okay, that adds another random list as well. Random chats about nonsense. Haha. And I will have this random weird questions moment for him where I will ask him some really weird questions and demands for an answer. He will somehow have to come out with an answer no matter what. So far, he never fails me :)


He has a good memory. Way better than mine okay :) I just have to say something once and he remembers it. I got an early birthday present from him after a long negotiation. I think I lost the negotiation, so that’s why it’s an early birthday present. Haha. For him, there is no pretending of not knowing something that I already know. It may sounds deep, but I think he’s the only one who understand what it’s about. You win… okay?!?! Hehe. Anyway, I love the present very much. Now both of us have one cow each. But I think my cow is bigger than yours :p don’t jealous…


I guess that pretty summarises that I’m very happy with my new guy now. He’s really cute and funny. Caring and kind as well. We always share the same thought and ….. I think I love the fact that ..


he don’t look at the camera while taking photos. Everybody, I would like you to meet my new guy :)


*prays hard that Calvin won’t kill me for this*