Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wedding rush!!!

Hi people. Yes, it’s a early Sunday morning for me again. Thanks to…


Yup… That’s my oh-so-precious Baby (who is also an alarm clock on Sunday morning to make sure that I do not sleep later than 9am) :) Tied the ribbon from the rose bouquet on her since she kept kepoh on me when I’m unwrapping the roses. Cute right? Will treat it as a birthday present for myself from myself :) Awww….. But she’s having her annual menstrual period, which explains her constant need to sleep and the mood swing. *hugzz*

The past week was busy busy and busy. Managed to get heels to go with the white dress for my sis’s wedding. Everybody in the family are so busy with my sister’s wedding especially my sis. Accompanied mum to Kepong for her gown collection yesterday. She looks really good in it though. Love the colour, especially at the bottom where it’s getting lighter. Glad that mum finally found a dress that she really love. Sis and mum tailor made their gown for the wedding dinner in KL. Me? I bought mine from Phenomenal. The bad thing about getting a dress so early is that you tend to go around other boutiques and you will find a few that are prettier than the one that you have bought. This is where Calvin has to suffer and he practically came out with tonnes of reasons why my white dress is better. Haha. So far, he still managed to calm me down every time I saw one pretty dress. *clap clap clap clap clap*


Not much food adventure for the past week. Maybe because I have to stay on diet which I failed BADLY in order to look good with the white dress. I still have to do my hair and make up on that day. Luckily sis found someone from Ipoh to do my hair and make up for the wedding dinner in Ipoh, which oh by the way is next week. Will be heading back to Ipoh with Calvin (yay!!) early Saturday morning.

Yesterday was my sis’s “Goh Tai Lai” ceremony where Brandon kor kor brought some stuff over with his aunt and we all have to hide when both of them arrive. Weird right. Then mum have to gave him some stuff in return which includes charcoal. Mum is the most sai lei woman on earth. She practically asked anyone she can think of for a big, fat and nice looking charcoal. From getting one from those kedai barang runcit to asking from the fried hokkien mee uncle (who still cook the noodle using charcoal) and also claypot chicken rice uncle O_O”  *awed by mum’s sai lei-ness* Anyway, my main point of talking about the “Goh Tai Lai” ceremony is actually I lost all my Hong Kong Disneyland’s photographs!! Imagine my horror when I wanted to show Calvin my photographs album in my laptop and realised that half of my Macau-Hong Kong trip photos are missing!! *heart broke into million pieces*

The only thing that can make things better is …… *coughs* mumbblemummblegotoHongKongDisneylandagainandtakemorephotographsthistimemumblemumble *coughs* *hint hint hint* *shiny shiny eyes*



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