Friday, April 29, 2011

Da Sa Rang Korean Restaurant

The lack of update was due to plenty of happenings around me. Shin’s wedding, my Melaka trip with a group of fun friends and me resuming to work after all those happening with much to do and much more to learn. I have this tower of claims at work that I demolished very hard but Joey always re-build it faster than me. I will win this time!!!!

Finally visited the Korean restaurant that I wanted to go for our Valentine’s Dinner but was sick. Da Sa Rang is located just above McD at Subang Jaya (behind Starbucks café that is near to Taylor and Inti Colleage)




Just like the typical Korean restaurant, we have to sit on the floor but there’s a big hole/compartment under the table for us to put our leg. So you can either fold your leg in or sit normally as if you are sitting on a chair.



Lucky me with the pink cutleries cover. I have this thing with Korean style chopstick because they are really slim and heavy, I have a difficult time actually holding them up to pick up a food item. I can be seen struggling with the chopsticks first few minutes of the meal. Haha.




One thing good about Korean food is they have unlimited refill of side dishes and each Korean restaurant have their own selection of side dishes. The only thing that is the same will be kimchi, which both of us don’t like. We returned it back to the waiter as soon as it arrived our table and requested for something else like green vegetable. I love the salad very much, mainly due to the sour dressing. Sour seems to be my best friend during my diet period.




Da Sa Rang has a variety of set menu that you can choose from, ranging from RM 40 to RM 300 (if I’m not mistaken). Both of us ordered the pork and marinated chicken set. The pork was definitely better than the chicken. Maybe we don’t like the sauce for the chicken. The portion is just right for the both of us.



What could be more a suitable drink after a hot charcoal grilled meal than ice watermelon juice?? Our set comes with two glass of these cooling drinks.

Food was okay, worth the second visit since it’s so near Calvin’s place. Hehe. I am still looking for a chance to ask Jess out for Korean dinner as she has a few recommendation of good Korean food in PJ and Sri Hartamas. Can’t wait!!!

I promise to update more as I have a lot of back log photos in my “To Blog” folder.

As for my wedding, well, nothing can be done at the moment except to wait for the day to arrive. Haha. Too early for the registration date booking. Pre wedding photographs details discussion with the bridal shop is too early either. So both of us practically just sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait. Who wants to join us??


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