Friday, April 1, 2011

Random food

I heard so much about this famous stall at Petaling Street that sells porridge. Their seats are just infront of the Hong Leong Bank atm machine entrance, directly behind the famous Air Mata Kucing. I suggested to have brunch there when me and Calvin went to Loh Tit Pat to submit our chinese date of birth to get the auspicious date for our wedding. Since it was early, we decided to find the place. From what I remember, it is somewhere nearby the famous air mata kucing stall. So we went directly to the stall and just look around. We notice a few tables at the back of the stalls. And that is how we found the place.



We ordered fish and pork porridge with yau char kueh. The fish was served in thin slices, still raw. But once mixed together with the piping hot porridge, it will be cooked. The pork porridge is quite nice too. But none of us finish the whole bowl of porridge on our own. I bought half Sei Ngan Chai duck to eat with the porridge. The duck is still very yummy. We ate a few pieces and brought home the rest for his parents. They love it very much too and finished the rest of the duck as supper the same night. Hehe.

Other than that, I had dinner with Shen Yin, Gab and Nick at Pavillion on Friday night after work. We went around Pavillion to look for a place to eat and also celebrate my proposal. Finally settled with this German restaurant which serves beer and pork dishes. Perfect for me. Hehe.



Our dinner for the night. Pork knuckle, pork pizza, rosti and pork sausages. We managed to finish everything. The food was quite good, would be better if consume while they are still hot. Even though that was the second time that we hung out, but we never ran out of conversation topics. Looking forward for the next dinner with them.

That’s all for the random outings. Will blog really soon about my new places that I have been to recently. Definitely will be new restaurant review coming soon as I have to select one for my wedding venue. Hope to get one that suit our budget and both our parents will be happy about it. 2 more weeks to go before they meet. Survey, survey and survey.


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