Monday, July 11, 2011

Angry Birds @ ING

What did you do last Saturday during the Bersih Walk? Me and Calvin was stuck at home the whole day as we were not allowed to leave the house. We came out with a bunch of silly and fun things to do:-

1. Check MalaysiaKini website from time to time for the updates about the Bersih thing. The updates started as early as 7 something in the morning and quite updated with YouTube videos as well.

2. Name 10 songs from famous singers. It all started with the 4 Heavenly Kings excluding Aaron Kwok as Calvin can name like 30 of his songs where half of it I might never heard before. It was fun as we have to sing part of the song as well. For JJ, we have to name 20 songs as both of us listen to nearly all his songs. Haha. A great time wasting “activity”.

3. Grocery shopping (well, this was on Sunday) at Jusco Taman Maluri. Nearly bought raw food like chicken meat to cook as our lunch but I have no idea on how to marinate the chicken. Bought sushi and fried chicken instead. Next mission is to find recipe for yummy food and try cooking it myself. I shall never let my skin-less fried fish haunt me forever!!!

4. Clean the house, especially my room. Nothing much to clean actually since Calvin helped me arrange my bags nicely every time he’s here. Haha.

5. Count the amount of coins I have and put them back into the piggy bank again. Calvin even took “artistic” shots of my coins.



My fat finger counting the coins. We separate the coins into 50 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents. 1, 2, 3, …..



Bodyguard Baby at the background, guarding my coins… and fell asleep. Haha.



My piggy and bear bank. The tiny pink bear is my birthday present and have been with me for many years. Very cute. I used to have a big bear coin box. Mum accidentally broke it when she wanted to count the amount of coins I have in it. Can’t blame her because I stuffed the whole bear with a lot of coins till it was very super heavy. Hehe.


Some random food update. Fion, my manager, brought us Angry Bird cupcake and a red bird cake on Friday!! All of them were really cute. I nearly don’t have the heart to eat them. So cute!!!




The red bird cake was quite big. I love it very much. Not too sweet as Fion requested for less sugar. Her sister in law made all the cupcakes and the cake by herself. I want to learn how to make them also!!! Not only cute, but yummy as well.



There’s a bat hanging on the window near the pantry. It reminds me of my previous weird food post… *shivers*….



Calvin with my pig cupcake. I couldn’t eat the cupcake all by myself without showing Calvin. So I kept mine in a Tupperware to be shared with Calvin later on. Luckily I didn’t destroyed it’s face during “transportation”. Hehe. I think my pooh is cuter than the pig in the photo *cubit*. Hehe.

Next post will be about the Japanese Grilled dinner at Subang Jaya that I bought from Groupon. Yummy but disappointed. Haihh…….


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