Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Cook Food by ME!!!!

I WAS a terrible cook, according to my dad. Haha. I used to cook dinner for the family back in secondary school and early college years as I always reach home earlier than my mum. I can only cook the simple dishes like boil some vegetable soup, pan fried fish and vegetables wok fried with garlic. Either my cooking was really terrible or my mum cooking is really good as my dad could tell who was the cook for dinner by the first bite. Mum always complained that I never put “heart” into my cooking. Can’t blame me as for me, the purpose of cooking is just to make the raw food cook and edible. Maybe I got the “cook” part correct but barely making it to the “edible” part. But in my history of cooking, there are no food poisoning or whatsoever. Only a few encounters of burnt food. Haha.

Since me and Calvin are tired of eating outside, I suggested to have a home cook dinner by me, since my parents was away for the weekend. I have the whole kitchen for myself. I have warned Calvin earlier about my skill but the “brave” Pooh agreed to my plan anyway. The night before, we went to Carrefour for shopping. We bought a fish, vegetable and soup ingredients. Fish was choosen by Calvin while others were by me. Let’s start!!



Calvin’s favorite soup is actually lou wong gua soup. I asked mum the night before about the main ingredients and method of cooking. She said spare ribs are better than chicken as it will make the soup more “fragrant”. So we bought spare ribs and lou wong gua. After cutting the melon into half, we noticed that there might not be much “flesh” left after scrapping out the seeds but mum said the seeds are not edible. The “smart” us figured out that the “flesh” will “inflate” after cooking. Oh well…. I added dried scallops and dried sotong into the soup because those are what mum always add in.



The final product of my soup. I cook it exactly the way my mum teach me. Maybe the melon was a little bit “skinny” as it kind of “melted” into the soup instead of “inflate”. Haha. Calvin said the taste was there but lack of something. My sis who came by the house earlier don’t even dare to try the soup. I don’t blame her as it is for the safety of her baby. Haha. I love the inventor of induction cooker as it made my life easier. Put it on “High” mode, went to watch Transformers and when I’m back, the content of the pot already starting to look like soup. Hehe.



The choosen fish by Pooh himself. He love the fish very much. He said it was nicely cooked. Yay!! Looks quite nice. We wanted to have chicken chop with lou wong gua soup, both are Calvin’s favorite dishes. But both of us totally have no idea on how to marinate the chicken. Hahaha. So fish it is.



The vegetable of the night. Looks a bit normal but actually it is kind of dry. Even though I pour some water during cooking but when I scooped the vegetable into the plate, there’s no gravy/broth/water or whatsoever at all. Luckily it still taste normal. I guess if I could ever mess this up, I should not be allowed anywhere near the kitchen at all OR I should think of becoming a man. Hahahahahahaha.



I guess mum is a little bit worried that I might burnt all the food and end up with nothing to eat. She called me the day before to inform me that, “I bought you chicken feet with mushroom and put it in the fridge. Just reheat it for tomorrow’s dinner ya”. Hahaha. I love this dish very much, especially the mushroom. I know it is unhealthy to eat chicken feet, that is why I always ask mum to put more mushroom and little chicken feet.

So that’s my simple dinner cook with “heart” for my Pooh. I guess I scored quite high with the fish. Next challenge shall be chicken chop and mushroom soup(I will try to make it from scratch, instead of using the canned mushroom soup, but will still buy one as a back up in case my “natural” mushroom soup fails).

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