Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kobe Gyu Taku–1 and only visit….

Groupon, MyDeal and Milkadeal are websites that I will visit everyday. Besides viewing the current deals, I can also read reviews about the restaurants that I have never been to. Recently they have holiday packages that are quite cheap. I don’t mind to receive one as my wedding gift. Be it cruise to Phuket or hotel stay in Penang, I would really need it.

But last week, I was very disappointed with the deal that I bought for Japanese Grill at Subang Jaya. Me and Calvin bought the deal few weeks ago and decided to use it last Saturday. We have 2 vouchers for individual grill items. Calvin’s parents tagged along as well.






The name of the restaurant is Kobe Gyu Taku Yakiniku. I hope that is the correct name as I really can’t find any other words at the signboard that could be the restaurant’s name. Our table was on the first floor. Luckily we were given the normal table and chairs instead of seating on the floor as I was wearing a skirt and high heels that day. The floor seats will be a little bit uncomfortable as after a while, I will get buttock pain due to the hard surface. Haha.

Let’s start with the only plus point about this place before I start complaining.





The individual set consists of chicken and 2 types of beef where one of them is Kobe beef. Two long fork-thingy were provided at each table for the grilling process. The meat was very fresh and lightly marinated, so you could actually still taste the meat instead of only the sauce. When you flip the meat over, there will be the “grill mark” on the meat which makes it really nice and pro looking. Me like… hehe. Since there were 4 of us that night, aunty ordered sushi and unagi as well. The 2 individual set was quite small portion, to be honest. That’s practically it about the good thing about the restaurant.

As for the bad points, which really pissed me off:-

1. Their service was very super terrible. When we wanted to add extra order, there was no waiter/waitress around that could assist us. We waited around 5 minutes before a waitress quickly rush by our table. Request for green tea refill was super ultra slow. Even though the meat was served raw and no cooking required, it took them forever to serve us the meal. Everything that we requested was super extra slow except to bring us the bill.

2. While waiting for our 2nd round of raw grill meat to arrive, a staff (who both me and Calvin agreed that he is the chef) walk to the left side of our table and notice that the gas was still on and there was only a piece of meat on top of the grill. Without even asking or looking at us, he went to the other side of the table and turn off the stove. I was like….. WTF!!! Damn rude okay!! He should have ask “How’s the meal? Do you need any extra order?” or stuff like that. None of the above and just switch off our stove. We did not even indicate that we are done with the meal and ready to go home.

3. There is nothing to suck out the smoke from the grilling process at all. NONE!! OMG!! I nearly choked to death from the smoke. Luckily we were the first few customers, hence the only smoke around our area was from our table. I cannot imagine what it would be like when the restaurant is full of people. It would be very uncomfortable to dine there.

4. Since we ordered sushi, Calvin and Papa Pooh requested for Japanese Soya Sauce and wasabi when the waitress serve the sushi. First of all, she did not bring the soya sauce with the sushi and there’s none on the table. Does she expect the customer to eat the sushi dipped with yakiniku sauce?? She returned with a plate of soya sauce mixed with wasabi and said “I have mix the soya sauce and wasabi for you, so no need to bring 2 separate sauce plate lah”. Like hello?!?!? Damn lazy to wash the sauce plate is it? We never request for soya sauce and wasabi mixture okay. We requested both but in separated form. And the amount of wasabi in the mixture is very little that Pooh and Papa Pooh have to add additional wasabi into it. Seriously…..

5. I was ready to let go of the bad eating environment and service as the meat was good. But when the bill arrive, I vowed never visit this restaurant again as what they advertise on Groupon is a BIG FAT LIE! When we purchased the voucher, it clearly stated “Takumi Special Mori Set from Kobe Gyutaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant worth RM113.70”, which we paid around RM45 plus for one voucher. Imagine the horror when it clearly stated on the bill that the Special Mori Set is actually RM38 (plus minus… can’t remember) per set. Either they have Maths problem or they have issue with being honest to customers. Because that is pure cheating okay. Why is the voucher more expensive than ordering from the menu? And when we place our order, at least the waitress can inform us to add extra order like rice or green tea to make the voucher worth. But no, they didn’t say a word. I can accept the portion is small so that the customer will order extra food but then cheating is totally unacceptable. Luckily we ordered extra so that the remaining amount can be used to deduct the extra order. It’s like total bill around RM200 plus and our vouchers worth RM90 was just directly deducted from the amount and we pay around RM110. I was damn pissed off and smelling like a BBQ beef at that time, so I didn’t bother to question/argue with the waitress. Treat that as a lesson; next time check the menu price/blog review on the price before purchasing any vouchers.

There… 1 good point and 5 terribly bad points which made me and Calvin vowed never ever visit this restaurant again.


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