Monday, November 14, 2011

Light meal from Wings Café

When there are a lot of choices of food to choose from, selecting the correct one is a headache task. But when they are limited choice, I will complain like there is no tomorrow. Pleasing me is very hard and I wonder how Pooh do it. Hehe.

SS2 is a famous place for food in PJ, at least near my ex company. Pooh use to drive around the area in order for us to choose one place to eat. When both of us are fed up, we would usually park our car at the parking lot whenever we see one available and walk to the nearest restaurant that we like. This is how we entered Wings Café for lunch not so long ago. There is one branch in Subang Jaya but due to it’s location, Pooh has never dine there before. He never knew of it’s existence till I told him there is one.

I visited Wings Café a few times but I can’t remember which branch it is. So I am unable to comment on the menu, whether they have improved or got worst. But the choices of food available are quite plenty and there are my favourite dishes as well.



My salad. I forgot what dressing that was on the salad but it’s sweet and very yummy. Unlike the normal mayonaise or thousand island dressing, the salad dressing on the salad was sweet and slightly sour. The bacon bits are my source of meat for the meal. I finished the whole salad on my own, with Pooh stealing bites here and there. He don’t like sour food but he loves the salad as much as I do.



Pooh hardly give up on butter milk dishes whenever the restaurant that we dine in serves the dishes. Be it fish or chicken, he will never say “no” to it. This time, it’s butter milk chicken rice with salad as well. I love the butter milk sauce and it is one of the best that I had so far. They give a generous amount of sauce that is enough for the chicken and rice. Yummy Smile

Overall, I would rate the food and restaurant as good and good. This is also a good place for drinks and gossip with friends. Might suggests Wings Café for drinks with ex colleagues in the future since the office is just nearby.

Legally, I am Mrs Ng (or you can call me Mrs Pooh)!!! The registration ceremony went smoothly and I was very happy with the attendance of my beloved family and friends. I do agree I am thinking too much sometimes but Wai Leng is always there to make things right. Thank you Smile

I am getting more and more excited for my wedding and extremely excited for my honeymoon!! Can’t wait for the day to arrive!!!



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