Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hungry Hog

It is kind of hard to find western restaurant that serves pork as the main dishes around KL. So far, I only bumped into a few (less than 10). Lucky me, there’s one in Subang Jaya and it’s near to my future home. The name of the restaurant is Hungry Hog.




There are numerous pig related decoration in the restaurant. Simple and oink-y, I should say. I love the piggy bank with black sun glasses at the counter top. Haha.



The hungry Pooh waiting for his oink oink meal Smile with tongue out



We opted for simple drinks. Hot tea for me and orange juice for Pooh. The tea was served together with a small cup of milk, which I drank separately with the tea. Hahaha.



It was raining that night and I needed to eat rice to keep myself warm. So the Siew Yuk Rice (RM11.90) was for me while Pooh ordered Plain Jane (RM12.90) for himself. The siew yuk was very very good, better than most of the chicken rice stalls. Juicy and slightly salty at the end. But something about the rice that tasted a little bit weird. I don’t know how to describe the weird part though. Pooh’s pork burger was quite good as well. Served with salad and piping hot fries, the pork patty was very juicy. Love it!!

They have other special pork dishes as well and I will definitely be back to try the others. But don’t expect the menu to be big or colourful though. The food that they serve are very simple but yet yummy. For those who are on diet, you can opt for the oink oink sandwiches that they have. They do serve fried pork skin, perfect for those who want to gain weight. Haha.



I love the pig at the top of the receipt. Looks a little angelic, don’t you think?


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