Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy busy

OMG!! First week of work and I'm dead tired every single day. Maybe it's the traffic jam. 2 hours stuck in jam. When I reached home, bathe, eat then sleep. Haha. Will look like a pig soon. Tomorrow might be joined by a new person that I know very well. *Fingers crossed*

There is a problem with Photobucket. I cannot upload photos of Mei Yee and Soon's birthday there, so I cannot write my Girl Vs Boy Part II. Haiz... have to wait. Furthermore, the computer got some problem. Frustration!!!!!

Have you guys watch new Digi ad? It's so cute. Even though there were certain parts that similar to another ad, but it's still very cute. Hehe.

Will upload soon when the PC is normal again.


Anonymous said...

why all those happy meter and poll at the below of the blog?

and anyway, congrats on your first job....waiting for gong xi fa cai *crossing fingers*

Cass_BaB3 said...

Wow... WaiWai u start work ade r ^6^
Grat wor..
Good luck on working wor.. Tc
All The B3st...