Monday, December 14, 2009

Another entry to No Good folder :)

Hi people. It’s a normal working Monday which is also my off day for the week :) Woke up early due to her royal highness Baby needs her nutritious breakfast which consist of only dog biscuit made of fish and potatoes. I brought Baby to a new vet who diagnosed her with a chronic skin disease that was never came to my knowledge for the past 5 years. He said the vet and some groomer could have identified the signs and symptoms easily. Experienced groomer should have, at least, because the signs and symptoms are very obvious. But a vet should know. In this case, I have no one to blame but myself. Me for all the not being able to identify the signs and symptoms earlier. But I did noticed them just that I thought it’s normal. My heart shattered into million pieces and I nearly burst into tears when the vet said “Your dog could have been suffering for more than 1 year for this problem silently”. @_@ I vowed to take good care of her more and will do the best for her. That’s one of the first few resolution for year 2010. Will blog about it at the end of the year. Have a few in my mind already :)


Food update : I’m disappointed that another restaurant has been added to my No Good folder in my Food folder in my Photos folder :)  But on the other hand, glad that I could identify that the food is not good at all earlier :) Especially when all the food that we (me & Calvin) picked were chef recommendation. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you … Little Taiwan.




Chocolate Snowy Ice and Salted Fried Chicken rice. Salted Fried Chicken rice is so so but is consider quite bad if it’s Chef Recommendation. The Chocolate Snowy Ice was absolutely … awful. Tasted really bad. Restaurant officially banned until further notice.


Second restaurant will be Madam Yip Restaurant (or something like that, forgot the name and couldn’t search the name in Google) at Sunway Pyramid.






The Siew Yoke was so so. Noticed that it’s really hard to find juicy Siew Yoke. The juicy level of this Siew Yoke is just like 3 out of 10. But the huge disappointment will be the Bak Kut Teh. What is the meaning of “chum chum” (campur-campur / mixed) when all the claypot consists was just ribs, taufu pok and fu chok. Basically I just ate 2 ribs and a lot of taufu pok. I’m not really a big fan of meat with bones. That’s why when I eat bak kut teh, I will only eat very little of those with bones and attack choose those belly areas. The yau char kueh is extremely crispy and hard that it has to be soaked for more than 5 minutes to be soft. You can hear the crunchy sound when chewing on it. Haihhhhzzz……


Let’s talk about something ranging from normal to good shall we?





Hand Made Fish Head Noodle is located very near to Calvin’s office. I had fish head noodle while he had sweet and sour chicken. We both ordered the satay-lookalike thingy of pork meat. The fish head noodle is quite good but as a fan of non-bone-meat-eater, I only ate 1 out of the 4 fried fish that came together with the noodle. Calvin was surprised that I choose fish head noodle but I don’t eat the fish :)


There’s another restaurant that I tried together with Alex they all in conjunction of Suk Yee’s birthday celebration. Forgot to take photos because too busy talking and was quite hungry at that time. My first encounter with the restaurant was at Sunway Pyramid where the menu don’t look appetizing at all. It’s not even in the list of the names of restaurant that I sent to Sai Weng through sms. I even said “Sure choose those nice la. If choose something like Ying Ker Lou then sei lor” to  Calvin. When the Sai Weng replied me through sms to wait for him at Ying Ker Lou, my panic level was at 8 out of 10. Calvin sort of laughed at me initially and then calmed me down, assuring that everything will be shitty all right. It turns out that the food isn’t that bad after all. Some of it were quite good actually. Could be better if there’s actually some taste in the soup :P


That’s all for last week update. Got to stop now. Have a long list of important-to-do things waiting for me today.



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