Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Hey people. It has been a surprising Christmas week. One of the best Christmas I ever had.


Calvin wasn’t feeling well last week. He’s having high fever over the weekend. So I have to choose food that won’t make his fever go any higher. He’s so pitiful because of the high temperature, red dots appeared all over his body *hugzzz*


But being a good bf, he still hung out with me over the weekend. Being the best good gf, I did not made him stayed out for long and make sure he has plenty of rest and water. *proud face*


Anyway, we watched The Avatar over the weekend. Everyone told me that the movie is very nice. I was very reluctant to watch the movie because of the blue aliens. Since so many good comments about the movie and not even one bad comment about it, me and Calvin decided to watch the movie. Initially, we wanted to watch at Sunway Pyramid but then we are unable to buy tickets online. So we just walked around and had our dinner there. We choose Porridge Time because Calvin was sick and I love porridge :)

003 (2)

004 (2)

001 (2)

I ordered Duck Porridge and he ordered Shredded Chicken Porridge. Love the porridge because it’s really thick and won’t turn watery so soon. They have different types of porridge and the price it’s not expensive at all. Same price with the hawker stalls. But I don’t really fancy the yau char kueh because it’s too oily and crunchy.

 002 (2)

Calvin playing my new pink Nintendo while waiting for his food to arrive. Check out his face expression :p hahaha. So cute. He’s playing Super Mario, which is really really funny.


I had to work on Christmas because it’s on my normal working day. Can’t really complain because of the triple pay :) Had lunch with Wai Kin and I suggested Kinnaree because I always passed by that place but never try it before. It’s actually a Thai Restaurant with really nice interior design. Love that place very much.

005 (2)

The napkin holder is very pretty. Fork and spoon are really big and heavy. The whole arrangement looks like a lotus pond :)


006 (2)

007 (2)

Our food. Wai Kin ordered Pineapple Fried Rice and I ordered Basil Leaf with Chicken. Very delicious. It’s hard to go wrong with Thai Food. Sour and Spicy!! Yummy yummy :)


Me and Calvin went to 1U after work on Friday and managed to buy tickets for The Avatar. Had a hard time deciding between TGI Friday & Fish & Co. but TGI Friday won.

008 (2) 

The decoration reminds me of Bubba Gump at The Curve. Somehow the Star-Wars-Sabre-lookalike thingy reminded me of David. HAHAHAHA. I can imagine him holding that thing and pretend to be one of the Star Wars character. Damn funny. Am glad that David finally met Calvin. Details of how they met will be at the end of this post.


009 (2)

My Pepsi and his… some orange drink which tasted like orange peel more than orange juice. Haha. That is Calvin looking really cute at the background :) *hugzzz*




Our food. He had chicken while I ordered Jack Daniel’s Steak burger. YUMMY!!! Maybe the cheese spoiled the taste a bit since I’m not a big fan of sliced cheese but the Jack Daniel’s sauce is really good :) During dinner, I received an sms from Mei Yee telling me that Shinshin is engaged!! OMG!! I’m so happy but not surprised because I knew about the proposal at the middle of the year :) I’m so happy for her.


Anyway, Avatar is really good, especially the last 20 minutes of the show because that’s the only part of the whole movie that I watched. There were too much talking at the beginning. Too much talking + whole day of working + air cond + dark = wai wai sleep like a piggy. Haha. Basically, I only watched like 30 minutes (10 minutes from the beginning and the last 20 minutes at the end) of a nearly 2.5 hours movie :) Calvin watched the whole movie so while we were walking towards the car park after the movie ended, he told me a short summary of the movie. Hahaha.


Went over to Mei Yee’s place on Sunday with Wai Leng and Calvin for mahjong session. 


Bought doughnuts and Shihlin Fried Chicken because both me and Calvin have not take out lunch. Mahjong session was really fun and nice. Mei Yee’s mum prepared food juice for us which is really yummy. Dragon fruit, apple and starfruits blend together. Yum yum. Me like :) Mahjong session continue after dinner till late. Ahh… I’m so happy :)


Ohhhh wait, there’s also my Christmas surprise. Wanted to get a Nintendo DS Lite in light pink like 2 days before Christmas and David can get one for me. Supposed to get it on Christmas but then David said the supplier gave him another shade of pink. He said can give it to me before I finish work. So I said okay. I’m really excited and happy the whole day. Calvin told me he also bought me a Christmas gift but he can’t tell me what it is. His clue was

a) Starts with the letter P and it’s not the brand name

b) Something that I don’t have

c) Not edible (I guessed Pavlova initially)

d) The whole thing is 4 letters word.

e) Found not only in shopping malls..


I guessed the whole day and Alex knew the answer too!! How is it possible that Alex can help Calvin out to get the present?

Anyway, around 4 something, David said he can’t get it on time and earliest will be around 8pm at night. So, me being really excited, told him that I will be around office area after work. Once get that thing, call me and I will go get it from him at the office. So he said okay. Was a little bit heart broken because I waited the whole day but still can’t get it. The chances of getting the Nintendo on Christmas seemed to be really low. So after work, Calvin came to my office to picked me up. The first thing that I told him when I got onto his car was “David don’t have the Nintendo yet but he can get it around 8pm today. So we go somewhere near the office area la”. It’s not even a request but more like a statement that I’m giving to Calvin because I really wanted to meet my Nintendo that day. Then I noticed a gift wrapped up nicely at the bottom of Calvin’s seat. So I said “I want to open my present now” with a naive smile :) He passed me the present. I opened one side of the present and the box said Nintendo DS. I gasped really loud and looked at him. All he did from the minute I entered his car was smile up to the moment I gasped loudly and look at him. I was like “*gaspppppp* OH MY GOD!!” Haha. He bought the Nintendo DS for me. I nearly cry when with the present opened halfway at my hand. Then he told me the whole story.


When I said I wanted to get that for myself, he said he wants to pay for it and give to me as a gift for Christmas. I said no because I have already requested for the cute Pooh Bear pillow in his car. He kept on telling that he will pay and I kept on saying no as well. Seeing me that stubborn, he came out with a plan. He called up Alex and asked for David’s number. So he has to tell Alex his plan as well. Then once he got David’s number, he called up David and introduced himself and tell him his plan. David said “It’s very hard to lie to her leh”, but Calvin assured her that it’s worth it. So David helped him with his plan. So on the day that David was supposed to give me the Nintendo, both David and Calvin came out with an acting plan. Calvin said he will get the present for me in the afternoon while David told me he has not get the Nintendo from the supplier yet. When I was disappointed, David even messaged Calvin “She was so sad that can’t get the Nintendo today lol”. Calvin replied “No worries, she will be very happy later”. Then around 4 something, David sneaked out of the office. I used the word sneaked because my place is actually facing the main door and whoever that walks in and out of the office will be very visible to me. But I’m always busy with work and staring at the computer, I don’t really notice who is walking in and out of the office. He went to 7-11 to look for Calvin. Both he and Calvin have never met each other previously. But Calvin said it’s easy to recognise David because he’s the only one there holding a plastic bag and Calvin is the only one standing outside 7-11. So both of them met each other that day. David passed the Nintendo to Calvin and Calvin went to Cold storage to find a pretty wrapper for it. David went up to the office, pretend to be normal and even played his Nintendo in front of me (which made me super eager to hold my own Nintendo more).


Finally, Calvin’s surprise succeeded. I really did not expect this at all. When I saw the wrapped box, I thought it’s a photo frame or something. His first surprise, my flower birthday surprise, failed because I went out for lunch when his flowers arrived :p

015 (2)

My new addition to the pink family!! Now when I open my bag, the contents are all in pink. Pink wallet, pink handphone pouch, pink pouch for important stuff, red apple for coins and pink pouch for my pink Nintendo!! Yay!! The Super Mario pouch is a gift from David, which I treat it as a Christmas gift from David. Thank you very much :) and thanks dear for everything. I really did not see it coming, at all. Not even slight clue. My birthday wallet, well, I guessed a little bit but the spelling part is quite confusing though. But this… 4 words that starts with P… I would never guess that it’s actually Pink Nintendo DS Lite. Thanks dear *hugzzz* I know you will be reading this :)


Merry Christmas everybody. Happy 2010 :)



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