Sunday, December 20, 2009

Second Annual Dinner

Hi people. Happy end of Sunday :) I considered last week as celebration week because it’s my company annual dinner, Awal Muharram (triple pay!!) and Yanti pernikahan dinner at Subang Villa :)

Did not take much photos during the annual dinner because I don’t have a camera with me and it’s quite dark in the ballroom. Furthermore, I reached the place late due to the traffic jam. But Benny took a few photos of me and tagged me in Facebook. Won another microwave during the lucky draw. Won a microwave and iron last year. Gave last year microwave away. This year, mum said she wants the microwave. Guess I’m the microwave queen. Haha. Food for the annual dinner isn’t really nice though. Somehow I prefer being served by the waiter rather than buffet style. Especially when I’m dressed up nicely :)



Yanti’s private pernikahan dinner was the most funny wedding dinner I have ever attended. We reached the place about 7pm because the invitation card stated 7pm. Nobody were there. Only a waiter lighting up the candles. The 4 of us (me, Chan, Sai Weng & Suk Yee) sat outside of the small hall and thought that they’re on the way. So Chan called Riszuan around 7.30pm asking where he is. He’s still at home!! Then Suk Yee called Ain and she’s still at home as well!! They said will probably reach around 8 something. So we sat there and gossip till around 8pm where other guests arrived. But Yanti and husband have not arrived. We went into the hall and choose the table at the corner. The dinner started at 9pm!!! Hahaha. When Yanti arrived, she looks very pretty in her white lace wedding dress. Then Riszuan said Malay wedding dinner really start that late. When Chan asked Yanti, her reply was short and simple. “It’s stated 7pm to 11pm, not 7pm sharp”. HAHAHAHAHA!! But we had a lot of fun that night. After that, the 3 of them went to Look Out Point to celebrate Jess’s birthday. I did not go because I’m very tired and went home early to sleep.

This week not much food adventure but glad that I finally have a chance to try the dry bak kut teh introduced in A Taste With Jason.



Maybe I’m not a big fan of salted fish. I seriously do not enjoy the bak kut teh very much. I think it’s just like a normal pork cook with dark soya sauce. It’s not that it’s not nice, but maybe I have high expectation of the food before I eat it. Well, at least I have satisfied my craving for the dry bak kut teh.



Have not been to BBQ Plaza for quite some time. Last visit was with Calvin and Yew Koon at the Times Square outlet. Noticed that there were some changes on the Deluxe Mix Set. No more pumpkin and less cabbage but with tauhu pok and broccoli. Both me and Calvin managed to finish the whole set. It’s still as good as it used to be :) Happy happy :)


004 (2)


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Visited the Asia Cafe again for dinner last week with Calvin. Frankly speaking, I still prefer the Ikan Bakar at Mid Valley. Can’t find one that is better than that. Will keep on searching for the best Portugese Ikan Bakar at KL. The Thai Fried Rice was quite awful. Doesn’t taste like Thai Fried Rice at all. The dry bak kut teh was…. well… normal.


Will end this post with a happy photo of reunion of 2 long lost twin brothers :)

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