Monday, December 7, 2009

Meaning of brunch…

Hi people. All the rushing, preparing, dieting, laughing and eating has ended officially last Sunday night. Photos are still with Calvin where he need to photoshop my tummy touch up some details to further enhance the beauty of the photos :)


What is the meaning of brunch? All this while, I thought brunch was actually eating 2 meals in 1. As in breakfast combines with lunch = brunch. The visit to The Pink Sage with Calvin last Sunday proved me wrong. Both of us slept till quite late that day and I suggested that place since I don’t have to diet he never try that place before.



Our drinks. It’s the time-of-the-month for me so a hot chocolate is like mother of all panadol for me :) He ordered Haagen Dazs chocolate milk shake and it tastes like heaven. Really good :)



His stacked breakfast. Nearly the same as what I had on my first visit but I choose scrambled eggs while he ordered sunny side up. When the breakfast arrives, the kampung girl me spontaneously asked the waitress “One egg or two?”, she replied “Two”. Okay, that is embarassing part one. You thought it will end there? I think I’m like China-woman because I continued with “Oh… I thought the egg comes with 2 yolks”. HOW EMBARASSING!!! Okay, I know there were cases when there’s two yolk in one egg but then… not at that moment okay!!! Haihhh… *hides behind Calvin*


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to….


BRUNCH!! This is what brunch looks like okay. The portion is really out-of-the-world. For us (me and Calvin), it’s like one portion of breakfast and one portion of lunch put together to 1 big plate. Instead of eating 1 portion for 2 meals, brunch at Pink Sage is actually 2 portions in 1 meal. But it’s really good. I think it would be perfect for sharing. The best part? It’s served with mushroom omelette. Yum yum :) Bacon and chicken sausages tasted really good. Too bad both of us can’t finish the pancakes. Haihhh…


Moral of the story : Think twice before ordering brunch in the future :)

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