Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gasoline and JJ in Times Square :)

Photographs of the 2 (Calvin and Pui See’s) Birthdays are still with Calvin. Will get them as soon as possible!!

I totally forgot to blog about my wonderful experience of meeting JJ Lin in Times Square some time ago. I even met Shen Yin and her friend there too. Before that, me and Calvin went to Gasoline for quick lunch as we were really hungry and Gasoline is kind of in my Banned list because the awful experience with Sai Weng at the Look Out Point branch. I shall not talk about that.

Anyway, since it’s near to dinner time, both of us ordered something light even though I am very hungry at that time.



Some fried bee hun and mushroom soup. The fried bee hun was okay but the mushroom soup was surprisingly very good. The taste was just right and quite thick as well. Some restaurant wanted to cut on budget served cooked their mushroom soup with big amount of water which make it watery.

The interior of the restaurant is quite nice. Since I was wearing skirt that day, I couldn’t sit on the lower tables which requires the customer to sit on the floor. We were lucky that there’s a vacant table near the entrance.




Why so much nonsense shot? While I’m busy eating, Calvin was playing with his big and heavy camera. Guess he wanted to practise with a few shots in order to get a good photo of JJ later. When it is his turn to eat, I played with the camera. Quite nice to play with, even though I have no idea what does the tiny boxes in the view means. Oh well :)


After that, we walked to the entrance of Times Square where JJ’s mini concert was held. We walked around and noticed that Papa John’s has a few tables just next to the stage. It would be perfect for people like me who is lazy to stand for a long time but want to see JJ at near distance. While Calvin was negotiating with the kind waiter, I bumped into Shen Yin and her friend. They were there to watch JJ as well!! So the 4 of us decided to share a table and have our dinner together. It was nice talking with the both of them and watching the whole JJ mini concert together.



Check out the amount of people waiting for JJ! It’s crazy!! I really envy those with VIP tickets because they can take front view of JJ. Oh well…… at least we can watch while eating :p





The last one is my favourite photo because JJ’s reaction is really cute :) Me likey. Hehe.


Me, Shen Yin and Alicia. Had so much fun talking with them that night. We should do this again!!! Hehe.



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