Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hawker stalls along Bukit Bintang area

I can’t really blog about the birthdays yet because I kept on forgetting to return the pen drive to Calvin, so he is unable to transfer the photographs to me. He told me today that there are a few folders in his computer for the photographs already (he knows I group my photographs according to the restaurant name). Hence, I shall blog what I have in hand now (more like what I have in my handphone :p)

Dad was away last week hence mum did not cook dinner for the whole week. I ask her not to because it will be very difficult to cook for so little people. So after work, I met up with Calvin and I suggested to have dinner out of Times Square because we nearly tried every restaurant there. Furthermore, most of them are fast food outlets = fat. No no no. Have to lose weight!!!

But then our dinner is not weight-losing-dinner :( boooohoooooo. You see, I got to know that somewhere near Jalan Tung Shin is this stretch of hawker stalls opened for dinner and supper which have a variety of food to choose from. Hence, Calvin agreed to my suggestion when I voiced it out. We have been there once but unable to locate a parking space, so we did not dine there. We were lucky to find a vacant space this time which is really near to the hawker stalls.




We choose the first stall on the road because they have more customers, which means the food should be quite good. The waiter handed us a menu each. I have never been to hawker stalls with a menu of foods that are available. It’s even bilingual (English and Chinese)!!! I guess that’s because most of their customers are tourist.





IMAG0029The food that we had. All of them were really good. The one that tasted the least good may be the chicken wings as both of us still prefer the chicken wings from Taman Muda. It is extremely hard to find grilled chicken wings that is juicy and delicious nowadays. Taman Muda one is still the best. The satay, char kueh teow and grilled stingray were quite good. I am very particular with grill stingray. The one that I love so far will be the one at Mid Valley food court, the one at Jalan 222 Hokkien Noodle (Restaurant Ahwa.. I think) and also this one here. The sambal gravy on top was really good. Calvin actually brought the whole plate back to the store for extra sambal because we finished it for one side but there’s still flesh on the other side. Absolutely yummy :)


On the same week, we visited another hawker centre at Jalan Imbi. It is situated at a small car park before Sakura Restaurant, directly next to the Honda showroom.


There were only a few stalls scattered around the small parking lot. One thing for sure though, make sure that you sit on the tables belonging to one of the stalls that you order your food from. If you did not, maybe you can order drinks from them. Well, it’s fair that you sit at the place far away from the char kuey teow stalls to avoid the smoke and you order the drinks from the stall provide you a table. We did so but we saw another girl who did not and was halau-ed by the stall owner. Hehe.






Our dinner that night. Yong Tau Foo were really yummy. Really really yummy. I love the tau foo pok because once you bite into it, you can feel the juices flowing into your mouth. Really good. The beef and chicken satay were really good too. Better than the one near Jalan Tung Shin because the beef was really soft and well marinated. But the char kueh teow was not really good because it was just plain and normal. The worst may be the Tom Yam Fried rice because it was really sour. Too sour for us.

Dad is back from out station, which means we will have home cook dinner next week. Yippie :) I really promise that I will blog about Calvin and Pui See’s birthday really soon. Both took place at a really special venue with amazing food :)


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