Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend at Ipoh

Spent the Raya weekend in Ipoh with Calvin. Managed to search for Ipoh famous food online and set the address to our GPS. We left KL on Friday morning. Decided to have breakfast in KL since both of us were really hungry and we were afraid that we might caught in a jam on the highway. Since I was sick (flu, sore throat, feverish and cough), I suggested bread. I’m not a fan of bread but when I’m really sick and the thought of missing Ipoh’s food because of being sick, I have to make bread my best friend. So Calvin suggested 3k Benta Kayu since it’s near to his place. I was going to order kaya toast when the kid’s menu caught my attention. I asked Calvin to check with the waiter if I could order the kid’s meal. Some of the restaurant only allow children to order kid’s meal. Anyway, the waiter allowed me to order so I ordered the porridge set with fresh orange juice.



Looks simple but both me and Calvin loved the porridge because it was quite thick. Both of us prefer our porridge thick and not to watery. For me, watery porridge is like rice that has been soaked in water for a really long time. Quite yucky :( But the porridge that I had that day was absolutely nice. Thick and not too watery. Went well with the fried onion and chicken nuggets. The orange juice was really cute. The cup was small and they put a tiny umbrella at the side. Really cute :p


After breakfast, we headed to Ipoh. It was not jam but then Calvin maintained speed limit of 100 to 110km/h along the way. Good driver :)


We reached Ipoh at around 2 something and headed to Medan Selera Stadium for chow kuey teow and HK chee cheong fun. But we were too late. The Seng Loong (Jacky Chan) chow kuey teow was sold out!! So we ordered HK Chee cheong fun only.




The uncle is even seen wearing a chef hat! Looks professional. Haha. But the chee cheong fun was really good. Really smoothe and nice. The thing that could make it better is most probably the chilli. Would be better if serve together with dried shrimp chilli. But the noodle itself is really good. Springy and smooth. Although it’s a long wait (more than 30 minutes) but it was worth it.


After chee cheong fun, we headed to Restaurant Hollywood, which is situated around 1km from the stadium (according to the GPS :p)





My initial plan for this place was for it’s yau char kueh. The name of the stall is Happy. Really cute name :P It has a varieties of fried kueh like the one with glutinous rice in the middle or red bean paste in the middle and also sesame seed on the outer layer. Since we wanted to save our stomach for more food later on, I ordered the basic yau char kueh. My favourite one so far is the one in the middle of Taman Muda’s market. But the one at Happy’s was as good as the one from Taman Muda’s market, maybe a little bit oily. But the taste was just as good as my favourite stall.

Restaurant Hollywood appears in Garmin along with the description “Famous Beef Noodle”. Since it’s in the description, we decided to give it a try.



Seriously, both me and Calvin don’t like the beef noodle. Maybe taste better if we order the dry version. But the soup version was totally awful. There’s some kind of weird taste on the soup that both of us cannot really accept. Furthermore, the meat was quite lean and rough. Luckily the char kueh was good. Haha.


After that, we headed for dessert.






When I surveyed for food in the internet, this place was called All Inn’s Cafe. It is either the restaurant changed it’s name or we went to the wrong place. Since we were already at that place, we decided to give it a try. It’s a decision that we never regret because on the first mouth of the dessert, we can’t help but smiled because it was really good. It was perfect and cooling for the hot weather outside. We ordered the honeydew sago milk. They have other tong sui as well. They even have pumpkin sago milk. I don’t eat pumpkin, so I ordered the honeydew sago milk. This place has other tong sui that was quite new and cannot be found at other places. I forgot to take photos of the sago because they were actually green in colour. The combination of all the fruits, sago and jelly was a perfect match. We left the place with a cooled down and happy stomach.


Shall blog about our disappointed supper adventure later on. Time for bed.



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