Monday, September 20, 2010

Continuation of Weekend in Ipoh

Sorry for the slow update of the weekend in Ipoh post. Have been very busy lately with holidays, galz outing and work, work, work and more work. The amount of cases that I have to complete everyday is crazy but then it also means I am learning more than ever! Okay, enough about work and let’s just continue with Ipoh.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant in Pusing. I forgot the name and no photographs of the food because it’s a family dinner where me and Calvin are the youngest on there. Hehe. The famous dish of the restaurant is Doggy duck. Seriously…. “Gau Chai Ap” is doggy duck right? But rest assured, no dogs were harmed for our meal that night. Besides that, they have fresh prawns noodle as well. Seriously, I don’t find that place any special as I think their food were quite salty. I don’t really fancy salty food. So…. hehe, I would rate that restaurant “No Good”.

After dinner, we headed to Ipoh again and visited my grandfather (mum’s side) for drinks. My uncle owns a restaurant in Ipoh and their coffee is amazing. I don’t drink coffee but Calvin claimed that they are really good. After that, we headed to Buntong. Initial plan was for taugeh chicken but when we reached that place, it was all sold out. Not a big fan of Lou Wong, we headed there anyway. I don’t really prefer Lou Wong because it’s quite dirty. The one at Buntong is cleaner and tastier. Maybe it was fated that we are unable to taste the taugeh chicken cause Lou Wong was sold out as well!!! Ohhh well, taugeh chicken will have to wait for next trip then.

Feeling a little bit hungry, we headed to the hawker stalls at the back of Sam Tet School.



We shared this hokkien yee mee. Seriously, it was quite bad. The yee mee was over cooked which made it very soft. Luckily we ordered other food as well.



Ipoh’s rojak, in my opinion, is totally different from rojak from KL or Penang. The crispy prawn crackers are their specialty and the rojak paste is totally different from the ones at KL. Sweeter. I have to queue up for 30 minutes for this. Initial plan of RM 3 rojak and 3 prawn crackers turned into RM 3 rojak with 5 prawn crackers. You can choose the rojak ranging from RM 3 up to RM10. Since there were only two of us at that time, we ordered the RM3 only. But the prawn crackers were really good. Went well with the sweet rojak sauce.



They are a few stalls selling colourful ice desserts. We shared one since the weather was hot that day. We have to wait very long for this dessert as well. I forgot to mention that the place was packed with people and waiting for an empty table was a big challenge. We went back to my grandparents’ house with full stomach and went straight to bed after showering.


On the next morning, we went for breakfast at Batu Gajah and I accompanied my grandma for some light grocery shopping after that. We left my Batu Gajah at around 11am and headed back to Ipoh town again. First stop was to get Cempedak Cake.


This restaurant was just few shops away from the Famous Original White Coffee restaurant and near to the Indian Street. When I reached that place, I was told that the Cempedak cake was sold out and the second batch will be ready at around 1pm. So I placed order for 2 cakes and left. This restaurant is famous for their fresh water prawns noodle as well.


After that, we headed to Sin Eng Heong to collect our kaya puffs that we have made reservations the day before. Seriously, placing reservations for good food is a must. Take Sin Eng Heong as example. We were lucky that we ordered one day in advance. At least we still get our kaya puffs. We were told that all the kaya puffs that we seen that day has been reserved by other people and they were all sold out the day before. Some people wanted to place reservation for the kaya puffs to be collected on the next day but was told that the next day’s reservation was full as well!! Seriously, Ipoh people do know how to enjoy good food. Even though with I have placed order one day before, I still have to wait for one hour in the shop to collect them. Why? The one standing 2 to 3 people in front of me bought 200 to 300 kaya puffs at one shot!! But seriously, their kaya puffs are really good. If it wasn’t for my mum, I would definitely not buy them no matter how good they are. Standing in the shop for 1 hour, common!!!!


Luckily, I have Calvin with me. While I’m queuing up, my sweet bf went to get my cold soya bean milk. He too has to queue up to get one bottle of soya bean and one box of tau foo fa.


The name of the stall is really cute. Funny Mountain. Haha. These people were queuing up for their soya bean milk and tau foo fa. When you see a long queue in Ipoh or anywhere, the food must be really good. Funny Mountain even receive calls from customer to place order for their tau foo fa. I have lost the photographs of the tau foo fa that we bought but then the photograph would not be able to justify the softness of the tau foo fa. Seriously, the best that I had so far.


After collecting the kaya puff, we headed back to Restaurant Hoong Tho to collect the cempedak cake. I don’t really like cempedak because I find them too sweet. But I love the cempedak cake. Really soft but the best thing is it is not too sweet. It taste just as good when served while it is still warm or refrigerated. Definitely will be back for more.


We headed back to the stadium hawker stalls again, hoping to get Jacky Chan Chow Kuey Teow but we were too late again. It was sold out by 2pm. Seriously!!! Since we were hungry, we decided to just eat at that place and head back to KL to avoid the jam.



My Penang Asam Laksa. Quite good, I must say. Not to sour or spicy. The generous amount of prawn paste made the soup thicker and more fragrant.'



Calvin’s claypot yee mee. It was so-so but definitely way better than the one we had the night before.


That’s all for our short Ipoh trip. Dissapointed that we didn’t get to try the taugeh chicken and Jacky Chan’s CKT. But then, that is a stronger reason for us to make another short trip to Ipoh again. Wooohooooo!!! That’s all for now. Calvin and Pui See’s birthday dinner post coming up. Both dinner were totally different but absolutely yummy!!


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