Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random of the week

I am so uber sorry for not updating this blog for such a long time. As usual, I am still very busy with my work. Next week will be the busiest I guess as I have to rush 2 submission for MAS claims due to CNY holidays and my end of February trip with gals and bfs. I am very excited about the trip as this will be our first international trip together!! We are not rich people, so we cannot afford international trips all the time. We usually travel locally, which we have yet to cover the whole Malaysia. Haha. I guess short trips are just another excuse for us to gather and talk non stop. I think the older we get, the more we talk and talk and talk and talk. Even the bfs have their own discussion now. Haha.



I bought dad a birthday present!! All by myself okay. From deciding and choosing the design, all by yours truly. Like me, my dad prefer simple yet classic design for our clothes. I showed daddy my wallet and he kind of like the brand (yes, the brand, not my wallet!!) so I got him one. I love his wallet because it is soft leather and so nice to touch. I’m glad he likes it. Hehe.



This is the Famous Amos truck that I won from the High Tea the other day. Cute right. I sms-ed Calvin that I won a car. He was quite surprised that out of nowhere I won a car. In the end I told him that it was just a Famous Amos truck, he “cheh” me. Haha. I finished the Famous Amos cookies all by myself because Calvin was having sore throat. I got sore throat after finishing the whole packet by myself too. But it was all worth it. Hehe.





Pictures from Seoul Garden. Calvin took a few photographs while I am busy cooking and eating. I did not even bother to smile for the camera. Haha. That’s because I was busy cooking my mushroom!! Hehe.

Seriously, I do not have any new food adventure at the moment. Most of the weekends were spent CNY shopping. Not for clothes but for Calvin’s home. Everything from curtain to bed sheets and not to forget CNY drinks packet and biscuits. I introduced the Teochew porridge near Leisure Mall and Coco Steam boat to his parents. I am glad that they love it too. Weeee~~ Hehe.

This year, I bought pineapple tarts for my mum and his mum. My first time buying CNY cookies all by myself. I hope they love it as much as I do. Surprisingly the cookies are made by a Malay lady. I don’t know the Malays love pineapple tarts as much as we do. I tried a few from my colleagues and they are really good. Nearly as good as my favourite, which has extinct. Haihh… it’s a long and sad story.

Ops, time for bed.


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