Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 Food of 2010!!

Happy New Year, my dear friends. I wish that everyone will have a great year ahead. For my cousin sister who will be having PMR later this year, study hard to earn the money reward from my mum ya Smile 

Had a BBQ by the beach with my girlz and guys from secondary school friend at PD on New Year’s Eve. Food was amazing but the whole thing was really tiring. Initial plan for drinks and games at our apartment was cancelled as most of us were very tired after a long day of packing and getting there and drinks shopping. It was all worth it as the food was amazing. My first time grilling the special BBQ items. Thank you to Deane and Guy for providing liquor which we consumed only 10%. Hahaha. Shall save it for next time ya!!

I would like to take this opportunity to list out me and Calvin’s top 10 favourite food for year 2010. It was indeed a great year for food to both of us. Amazing findings, here and there!! Let’s begin, shall we.


1. Warm chocolate pudding cake from Café Café.


Calvin found this place for our post Valentine’s dinner. This will be our first time celebrating Valentine’s day together. Valentine’s day actually fell on the first day of Chinese New Year. I went back to Ipoh while he stayed at KL. So we celebrated Valentine’s day once I got back from Ipoh. The dinner experience was amazing and romantic. Love the ambience of the restaurant. The best part of the dinner will be our dessert. I remembered clearly that both of us were actually very full after our main dishes. But we definitely don’t want to waste this piece of heaven. Aww…. I miss this very much. Definitely will be back for more and more and more. Hehe.


2. Coco Steamboat


I am always a big fan of steamboat. Dad introduced us to this yummy steamboat at Taman Connaught. I love their soup very much because it was very appetizing. Not too spicy for Calvin, which is just perfect for me. It was also through this dish that I started to like steamboat with fried yam. Absolutely yummy. Hehe.


3. Subway008

I am not a big fan of bread but I will never ever say no to a meal at Subway. I can finish a 6 inch sandwich all by myself. When The Sun has vouchers for Buy 1 Free 1, it was like striking lottery for both me and Calvin. I love it that I got to choose what I want and don’t want to be on my sandwich, and also what type of sauce. I also started to accept white bread more compared to last time. Ever since my parents started on the whole meal bread, I find white bread very yucky and milky. Not anymore, thanks to Subway. Hehe.


4. TTK Bak Kut Teh


This has been my favourite BKT of all time ever since I was small. When I introduced it to Calvin when he was still working in Times Square, he love it as much as I do. I was surprised at times when he suggested to have TTK for dinner after work. But ever since he moved back to Dataran Sunway, we have not been to this place for quite some time. When I mentioned it to him that day, he was feeling it as well. Awww…..


5. SnowflakeIMAG0282

Whenever I am staying overnight at Calvin’s place, I will try to beg him for Snowflake dessert at night. Everytime we went there, this is the only thing that we will order to be shared. Other combination don’t look appetizing at all. I love the taro balls, chewy and yummy. Calvin preferred to eat the dessert together with the fresh milk but I totally hate it. So he will pour bit by bit of the milk onto his own spoon before consuming it. However you eat it, this will still be one of the thirst quencher dessert of the year. Hehe.


6. Tamarind Hill



Calvin found this place all by himself. This is the place where we celebrated our first year anniversary and also my last day working at AAN. A lot of mixed feeling but then the surprise and all the effort that he made to plan for the dinner blown me away. All of the food that we ordered that night were amazingly good. Not to mention that we have the whole evening in the restaurant by ourselves. Really an unforgettable evening for me *shy* This just proves that what an amazing guy Calvin is and that I am right for my decision in choosing him. Hehe. Ohh, someone should be blushing by the time he reads this. Hehe.


7. Big Wok Korean Food


Up until now, I still haven’t found out the name of this restaurant. Pui See first introduced this place to me few years ago and I brought Calvin back to this place for dinner. Even though just the two of us, we managed to finish up to 95% of the food on the big wok. Although a little bit spicy for Calvin, but he enjoyed the food as well. The smartest decision that we made was adding nissin noddle to the dish. The noodle went extremely well together with the chicken meat, cabbage and Korean nin gou. Ahhh… I want somemore!!! Hehe.


8. Tomoe’s Unagi Don


Since we have yet to try the Unagi from Jyu Ryuku, Tomoe’s Unagi Don is still at the top position for the best unagi!!. Congrats!! With no stale taste at all, the unagi was served warm with not too salty/sweet sauce on top of a layer of Japanese rice. Both of us love the unagi very much and Calvin did not even leave one rice in the container at the end of the meal. That is a sign that he really love the unagi very much. Hehe.


9. Kissaten’s mushroom spaghetti with half boiled egg.


I was not a big fan of half boiled egg but this spaghetti abolished that phrase once and for all. Calvin is a big fan of half boiled egg, in fact he’s a big fan of egg dishes. Haha. But when you mix the half boiled egg evenly with the spaghetti and mushroom, it’s really yummy. Kissaten is a fusion japanese restaurant at Jaya One. Their char siew pizza is amazing as well but I don’t have a photograph of it. I also choose this place to be my farewell dinner with my ex-colleagues. Hehe.


10. Yakiniku



I love this place very much because it reminds me of the amazing charcoal grilled buffet dinner that I had in Taiwan. It was the best meal for my Taiwan trip. Hope to be back again some time in the future with Calvin. I know he will enjoy that place as much as I do. But I forgot the name of the place…. wuu wuu wuu. But there’s a similar shop at Pandan Indah. I read about it from other blog and insist to try this place out with Calvin. The grilled pork and taufu pok are my favourite. They have chicken, meat and beef as well. It’s really worth all the sweat and heat and even at the end of the day, we left the restaurant with bbq as our new perfume. Haha.

There, our top 10 favourite food of year 2010. Actually I have a full photo album in my laptop for our favourite food, but it’s too much to list out. So I only select the top 10 of the best, and we even went back for 2nd and 3rd visits already for some of the restaurant.

Happy New Year once again. More good food for everyone!!! WOoohooooo!!




Rachel said...

Hahahaha.. the name of the restaurant serving yakiniku is Restoran Yakiniku. Lame but true. XD

Yick Hui said...

Ohhh..... hehe. Actually I was referring to the restaurant in Taiwan, not the one in Pandan Indah. Hehe.