Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New York New York Deli

Watched Fast & Furious 5 with Calvin last week. Awesome, is the only word that can describe the movie. After the movie, we walk around searching for food. I recalled Wai Leng and Pui See strongly recommend New York New York Deli for nice food in 1U. I heard about this place previously but forgot about it as it is located at the place that I will never pass by whenever I go shopping/movie at 1U. Since we have tried nearly 90% of the food there, we decided to go New York New York Deli over Coffee Bean and Delicious.



Their menu reminds me the perfect little black dress that I can’t find. There’s this design of black dress that I have seen on numerous people but I can’t seem to find any boutiques that sell the dress. Haihzzz……. Anyway, there are quite a lot to choose from their menu. They have Chocolate drinks, pizza, pasta, steaks and others. They even serve breakfast the whole day.





The restaurant is decorated with posters of New York city view. On the wall are boxes of Tobasco sauce. One thing good about the restaurant is the smile on each and ever waiter and waitress. They are super friendly and whenever their eyes meet yours, it will be accompanied by a friendly smile. I have never been serve by so many friendly waiters at the same restaurant.







Our light food for the day. I am still on diet for my wedding, which has like around 1 year to go. But I’m getting used to eating salad everyday that it has become part of my life. I have one meal of salad each day (lunch or dinner) and I cut down on rice and meat. Calvin did his part as well by cutting down on rice. I don’t expect him to go on salad-mania with me though. He needs all the energy from food for his creative thinking. Hehe. So the Caesar's Salad is for me while the American Breakfast is for him. I ordered the seafood chowder with clams as my drink while the hot chocolate with marshmallow is for Calvin. The seafood chowder I had was extremely super thick. I love it very much as when the soup was left untouched for 1 minute, a thicker layer of soup is formed on the top. I love that part very much. Hehe. But a bit salty though. The amount of small clams given was crazy!! The salad that I had was quite good and I love the hard boiled egg at the side. Yummy yummy. Calvin’s American breakfast would be better if served with baked beans as it is quite dry eaten just like that. Good thing they give him honey, but still Calvin would prefer to have the whole thing with baked beans. Hehe.

Definitely will be back for other main course, especially pizzas.

Will update about the only the worst Japanese cuisine I ever had, even the steamed egg is yucky. I am serious!!!


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