Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Korea BBQ Specialist

The shops opposite Sunway Pyramid are my current new spot to explore for food with Calvin. They do have several Korean BBQ restaurant besides quite a number of buffet steamboat like Yuen and Tasty Pot. We drove around the area to explore what food is available and Little Korea caught our attention as it is situated right at the corner lot with big signage. We decided to dine in for dinner over the weekend.





The owner of the restaurant is Korean, hence the Korean style oriented decoration. They have more seats upstairs and I think the customers will have to sit on the floor. We were given the normal table and chair seats that day. Lucky us Smile



The normal sauces and raw garlic for the grilled food. I love the brown sauce as it was a little bit sweet and very appetizing.





Our side dishes. One thing bad about this restaurant that I can’t find in any other Korean restaurant around KL & Selangor is their side dishes do not come with unlimited refill. If I am not mistaken, only 2 free refills are allowed. Since there were only 2 of us that day, we did not ask for any refills because we have a difficult time finishing the food that we ordered. I love the steam egg very much because of the amount of spring onion on top of it. Hehe.




Unlike most of the Korean BBQ Restaurant, the smoke-sucking-thingy is not from the ceiling. Instead, the waiter will bring over a steel pipe and turn the machine on which will suck the smoke directly above the grilling food. Below the table, there’s a aluminum foil airway that will bring the smoke…. somewhere else. Hehe.






They do have set menu for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 person. You can choose between 2 or 3 types of meat to be grilled, pancake, soup, noodle and others. Since we only wanted pork and chicken with kimchi pancake, we ordered them in ala carte. We figured out that the both of us will not be able to finish the set meal since I am on diet. Thank god we went with ala carte as we barely can finish the food that we ordered. I love the pork as it was not marinated at all. I usually wrapped it with the fresh vegetable provided with a small amount of sauce. Other than that, we ordered one portion of marinated chicken, which was quite good. Both of us were disappointed with the kimchi pancake as it was very oily. The best we had so far (both of us don’t eat kimchi…. at all) was from Daorae, Sri Petaling. I had dinner with the girls at Daorae, Kota Damansara last night and the one at Sri Petaling is still the best. Rachel said there’s one Daorae at Ipoh as well. Naise…..

Anyway, that’s all for the Korean BBQ update. It shall be the once in a while indulgence as it is expensive and you will always end up smelling like BBQ when you walk out of the restaurant. So the only time that I will have Korean BBQ is when I’m sure that after dinner I will head for drinks in an open area like Giza Mall or head straight back home. I don’t even feel like shopping with the BBQ smell all over my body.

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