Monday, September 26, 2011

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Ampang

This is the restaurant that I often blogged about but it is in this post that the name of the restaurant is finally revealed. Not that I want to keep it a secret, but whenever I visit this restaurant I forgot to take a good luck at it’s name. Firstly introduced by Pui See few years ago for one of the jimui’s birthday, I craved for the food once in a while. From my first visit to the most recent one to celebrate Pui See’s birthday, there are a few changes to the restaurant.



They have an English menu. During my few early visits, there is totally no menu and we order based on what we know the restaurant serves. Dok-Galbi is the only food that we ordered on every visit. The only thing that we can adjust is the level of spiciness. We normally go for the normal as you can hardly taste and enjoy the food if it is too spicy.



There were around 10 of us that night, so we ordered 8 person’s portion of food. Cabbage, rice cake, chicken meat and sweet potato are cooked together with the special chilli paste on the big flat pan that is mounted on each table.




We do not have to cook the food on our own as they waiter with gloves who has strong arm cooked the dish for us. You will just have to sit back and watch the cooking performance. Well, the waiter don’t dance but trust me, you will stare at his cooking skill when he cooks as that is the biggest distraction for the whole dinner. Hahaha.



You can wrap the food in lettuce provided and free refills are provided for the vegetable. By wrapping the food with the letuce, you can reduce the spiciness of the food and at the same time cool down the food before pushing the whole thing into your mouth. The above photo is a so-called artistic shot by Calvin, while the rest of the photographs are blurred. Haihhh….



We tried something new that night as Shin, Jonny and Vince were the last to arrive and they were quite hungry. Pui See suggested to add plain rice to the left over and re-cook. Personally, I love the dish without the rice.






The birthday girl with the crepe that I bought from The Big Mouth Café. Even though not as good as the one from Nadaje but way better than Food Foundry. The red hat is a gift from the restaurant staff. Cute~

That’s all for the Korean Restaurant. Ming Li commented that the food was not as nice as it used to be but I still find it very delicious. After all, I have been craving to dine here for quite some time.


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