Monday, September 12, 2011

Nini Lai Dim Sum

When I think of Puchong, only 2 things will pop up into my mind; service car and food. Calvin always sends his car there for service and most of the time I will tag along. Whenever I have the chance to go around the area, I will pay extra attention on the food available. I used to love the conveyor belt buffet steamboat there but realised that the normal steamboat tastes better. But, they are still a lot of restaurants/cafes in Puchong that I would love to try. When Calvin made appointment for car service early in the morning, I went online to search for dim sum place around that area for breakfast. 2 restaurants caught my attention; Nini Lai & Yuen Garden Dim Sum. We decided to try Nini Lai first because of the name.



From the review, it is better to take the tables outdoor as is will be cooler than indoor. When we arrived, we were lucky to get an empty table as the place was fully packed on the next 5 minutes. Most of the customers prefer the outdoor tables.



The food available is just as same as the other dim sum restaurant available. Taste wise was quite okay, especially the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. I love the chilli paste that came along with the dish. Since there was only the 2 of us, those are the amount of food that we ordered and we barely finished all the food. Even though small, but every bite is meat = filling. Price wise, average I would say.

The most yummy and special dim sum that I have tasted so far will be at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel. I dine there last month and they offer really good dim sum. Did not take photographs as the meal was with Calvin’s parents. Hehe. Yummy and expensive Smile  but definitely worth the experience.


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Haiseh, come Puchong oso no look for me to makan.. >.<