Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I enjoy visiting Tokyo Street in Pavillion. Most of the shops and stalls sell Japanese food. You can find bubble tea shop, mochi shop, restaurants, mini supermarket and Suki-Ya.



On my first visit to Tokyo Street, I wanted to dine in the restaurant because of the word Shabu Shabu”, which is the same as steamboat; my favourite food. Unfortunately, both me and Calvin were sick at that moment. We went back few weeks later for dinner.



On each table, there are paper that give customers tips and instruction on the correct way to enjoy the sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, including what can/be added into the sauce.



There are a few types of soups to choose from and we went for sukiyaki and clear soup for shabu shabu. The waiter was kind enough to bring us the first batch of meat. Only 3 types of meat are served; chicken, beef and mutton. The meat was thinly sliced which made them more convenient for cooking.



The buffet area. You can get the vegetables, processed seafood, various type of mushroom, egg, sushi and sauces from the counter. The fridge on the left is filled with trays of meat that you can take as many as you wish.

That was the first time we tried dipping the cooked meat into beaten egg. Besides cooling the meat down before consumption, meat eaten this way is actually quite nice. But you will feel yucky at the 10th or 11th piece of meat as you will start to feel full and yucky. Great experience though. Overall, I enjoy beef the most as I cooked them until medium well done. There are a few types of sauces to choose from but I totally forgot the name of the sauces. Hehe.



They do provide ice cream as well. This is Calvin’s artistic ice cream creation. I do have to say that the ice cream is too milky that the chocolate don’t taste like chocolate anymore.

Will definitely be back for another meal as I prefer meat slices buffet than fish ball buffet. I forgot about the price but definitely worth it. Do give this place a try, especially those who loves steamboat.


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