Friday, November 21, 2008

Hectic week

This week will end soon. Tomorrow's shift is 9 till 3. Then will be holiday for me. Hehe. I wonder what will I be doing this weekend. Since I'm not tutoring anymore, I can hang out or just stay at home and emo with Baby. Haha.

Talking about Baby, she had a grooming session recently. I think she looks grumpy/frowning all the time. Pity her. Hehe.

But she's still very adorable. Love her :p

Went to Pavillion yesterday with SW. Initial plan was to have dinner together to avoid the traffic jam. At the same time, he wanted to fetch his sis from work. But when we're getting nearer to Pavillion, he suddenly thought of calling his sis to confirm the time she finish working cause he's worried that she might finish work at 5pm. It turns out that she really finished her work at 5pm but still is in Pavillion. Mervyn was there too. He watched a movie to avoid traffic jam. Haha.

Had Thai dinner last night at Pavillion's famous food court. I have this crave for Thai food all of a sudden. Maybe I miss the Hulu Langat Thai food very much :(

After dinner, we walked around. I haven't step my foot in Roxy for a really long time. Their new arrivals are not bad. Browsed through a few bags. Managed to stop myself from getting one after my Pink Gorrilla. Hehe. But ....

I bought this.... Hey, I love my environment okay. Say no to plastic bag and yes to re-useable bag. Furthermore, it can be folded into smaller size for easy storage. Hehe. Me like :p

This is a 2009 planner. I still need an organiser next year right. Furthermore, it's not expensive. The price is quite cheap actually. Hehe.
Ever since working, I have been on shopping therapy quite often, especially during weekends. I have to get working attires. Hope to go shopping with my galz soon cause I heard from TW, the sales are coming very soon. Happy happy! Hehe. Ohhh, I want to go Bangsar so much. My pay will be out by the end of next week. Happy happy happy :p
Oh well, that is all about the current me. Very happy with work and am learning new stuff everyday. Am proud of myself. Haha. What about you??

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