Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random, random and random

If you think your current job is bad/terrible, you should watch The Perfect Storm. Besides the handsome and good looking main actor (hehe), the story line is really meaningful. The story does not ends with a happen ending. It is really sad. It is one of those movie where you thought u can predict what is going to happen next but end up with the wrong prediction. It's really really really sad. When I watched the movie, I suddenly realised that somehow my job is way better than theirs. And for those who complaining that her/his job is not good this and that, try watch the movie and you may realise that you are the lucky ones. SERIOUS!! I AM VERY SERIOUS. Hehe. Anyway, the movie is really nice anyway.

Gosh, second week of working and I'm dead tired today. When I reached home, mummy was asking me something while I dragged myself upstairs, put my bags in my room and went to the other room and just fell onto the bed. I did all of those while answering my mum's question and still have the time to tell her I'm going out tonight!!! Amazing!!! Well, at least for me. Haha.

Okay, photos update time.

Coconut ice blended that I had the other day. It's really nice but fattening. Haha.

My current obsession. Curry puff from Ikea. It is really nice that I had 6 in 2 days. 3 for dinner, 3 for breakfast. I still am craving for more. Haha.

The other day when I went KFC at Sg Wang with PS and TW, I got this as my mash potato. Only the gravy in sight and no potato at all! And the clever me dare to say, "The potato melted?". HAHAHAHAHA! Stupid.

There is this place at Jaya 1 which have the same concept as BBQ Plaza but the grill pan is way way way bigger.
Okay, may not look big here but if compare to BBQ Plaza, it is way bigger. Hehe. The pros may be cooler environment. The cons may be less variety of meat and the sauce isn't really good.

We had beef set that day. So-so only. Hehe.

There will be a erm.... fire show??? The show is quite nice actually. The fire can go up and down the man's chest. SERIOUS!!!!! REALLY!!!! The man can even blow the fire out from his mouth without any kerosene in his mouth. REALLY!!!! The restaurant is called Fire something. Haha. It's in Jaya One, opposite UTAR.

The puppy is getting bigger. I haven't seen them for 1 week and they can open their eyes already. One even bark softly at me. So cute!!! Reminds me of Baby when she was young. Awww..

That's all.



Anonymous said...

eh?! u have schnauzer puppy? so cute!

WaiWai said...

renaye: those puppies are not mine. Hehe. But they really are very cute :)