Monday, November 10, 2008

Jiggy Monday

Hey people. It's school holidays but it's not work holidays okay. I still have to work. Haha. Okay, the previous week was busy and I learnt the next step of my work. It's really complicated. Hope that I won't mess things up *praying hard*.

Had a great holiday on Cameron last weekend with sis and friends. I brought my camera along but didn't take any photos at all because there was a professional photographer there with not only 1, but 2 really cool cameras. Just have to wait for my sis to get all the photos from him and I will get it from my sis. Haha. Anyway, Cameron was so-so. I got quite sick of all the green things where at one point I told Mervyn that I want to go back KL because I'm sick and tired of seeing everything green everywhere I go. If it's not green, it will be strawberry. I know there are plenty of strawberry farms in Cameron but the strawberry I'm talking about here are the strawberry bag, coin pouch and even umbrella!! I need to see some tall buildings. Furthermore, it rains while we're there, which made it more difficult for us to move around. Well, photos update next post.

Ohhh.. I have to blog about what I saw this morning. Sorry, no photos because it happened really fast that I don't have the time to take a photo. There was this guy driving a car just in front of SW's car. At first, he move his body. I thought he was shifting gear. It's normal that certain people have this big action while shifting the gear. But then I realised that he was actually dancing in the car. I know it's normal to dance in the car but not on a Monday morning please. Haha. It's really funny. He danced till his car shake a bit. OMG! SW wanted to over take him so that the both of us could see how he look like but we never have the chance to do so. It's damn hilarious man. SW even imitate the guy's move but that guy is really good. Haha.

Baby had a hair cut. She's all neat and pretty girl now. I like :p

I seriously am desperate for shopping therapy. I need heels, working attire and bags. I want I want I want. Oh holy sales and salary, please come as soon as possible. I want to watch movie too. But no time and nobody that is willing to accompany me. I WANT AHHHH!!!! (hmmm sounds a bit demanding and emo in this post).

Ohh yeah. I would like to thank everybody for the birthday wishes and those that had dinner with me that night. I really enjoyed myself that night. Thank you for attending. I know it's a bit far but then, hey, it's my birthday. Haha. Thank you Kitt-y for the flowers. They are really really nice. *shy*

Okay, that's all for this photo-less post. Will update soon. Just have to gather all the photos as soon as possible. Hehe.



Anonymous said...

wah, we same same work, 'same same'. I can teman you for movie also...High school musical 3 rocks!

=chuan guan= said...

lol..u seem enjoy ur work v much..and hor..dancing also v normal..mayb he enjoy working..every sat sun waiting to go to work..cannot meh? bluek