Monday, September 21, 2009

Taiwan Day 5

Okay, let's finish Taiwan as soon as possible because my post Taiwan photos are piling up :)

Day 5 started really early as we have to shift all our luggage to Sai Weng's friend who is studying un National Taiwan University because we will be heading to Kaoshiong at night. So early rise for the sleepy 4 piggies and pack pack pack (actually both me and Sai Weng packed the night before because we have a lot of stuff).

Seriously, the University is very very big. It's also the orientation for newbies that day. In Malaysia, our university is filled with student's cars but in Taiwan, their university is filled with bicycles. Thousand and thousand of bicycles parked in the middle of the university. I think that's the most convenient way to travel around the huge university. I heard that the car might be cheap in Taiwan but their petrol is quite expensive. So people will choose to travel petrol-less :p

After all all the walking with heavy luggage, we headed to Lee Foo Village Amusement park.

The park is divided into a few section according to themes like Arabian theme, Wild wild west theme, animal park and etc. Yi Yuan said he did not finish the whole park the last time he's there because there's a lot of people. This time, we finished everything at 3pm!! Haha. It's because there's not much people and we don't have to queue very long for each ride.

The huge cake near the entrance. It's actually their 30th anniversary this year. The park's mascot are the two monkeys in the middle.

This is how the Arabian park and Wild wild west park looks like. It's really sunny that day. Lucky I have an umbrella with me :)

We did not try the most exciting ride on the park because it was closed for maintainance. Damn... Super dissapointed. They said it's really scary and I have never been to ride like this before :(

These are among the ride that I had in the park. The pirate ship has to be the funniest ride because the people sitting opposite me made really really funny faces. There's on girl who duck her head into the safety bar in front of her throughout the whole ride. I can't stop laughing. Hahaha. Most of the ride will bring me upside down. It feels like in a washing machine. Haha.

We had our lunch at the Arabian park.

The lunch is those typical fast food thinggy. Nothing fancy worth to blog about though. After the first meal of curry, I dare not order Taiwanese curry again because it's really really sweet.

After lunch, we went to the feeding farm to feed some goats and miniature horses. We fed them with long grasses and carrots. They are really smart because they will not nibble the grass if they see another person holding a carrot. They will only eat the grass when the carrots are finish. Smart right?!!?!?

There were even live performance from ....
Native African. I have no idea what the dance is for. Begging for rain I guess :)

In the park, there's a mini zoo as well. I think the park is worth visiting because if you did not visit the zoo, you can visit the mini zoo here which is way better. Because you don't have to walk and you will see the animal in a bigger place, instead of the small cage.

If you compare the photos with the day I visited Taiwan zoo, the number of animals are more or less the same. They might not have the amphibians and reptiles, but I'm not a big fan of them anyway. Hehe. The bear and tigers are very cute. They will like just stay at one place for you to admire them. Even though they were sleeping at that time, we can still see them from a near distance.

We went back to Taipei and headed to Xi Men Ding again since it's early.

Tried the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian ... or something like that. Seriously, I kind of like the noodle. But they are no place for you to sit to enjoy the noodle and they only provide you with a spoon. I think I would rate the noodle higher if I have a nice place to sit and they provide me with chopstick. It's a bit spicy though.

After that, we went for a famous place that serves fried pork chop.

It's actually one of my favourite food in Taipei. Maybe I'm a big fan of Japanese food :)

We headed back to collect our luggages and headed to the bus terminal. We took a bus to KaoShiong at 10pm. The journey was about 5 hours. Luckily the bus seats are really big and comfortable. The air cond wasn't too cold, just nice. The driver isn't speeding or anything. Everything was just perfect :)

This is the amount of stuff that the 4 of us brought back to KaoShiong. Hehe. We reached KaoShiong at around 3am. After a hot shower, we continue sleeping... and that's the end of day 5 :)

That's all for the days spent at Taipei. The remaining days at KaoShiong were much better. Can be described as the best experience throughout the whole Taiwan trip :) I am so serious about it. Really!!!!


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