Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taiwan Day 4

Good morning people :) Woke up early today to mop the floor -_-" instruction from mom, so much do it with a :) on the face. Hehe. So fake... I know. But Baby woke me up at 7am in the morning today. And my phone alarm went off at the same time!! I forgot to turn it off last night. There goes my off day!! Haihhh

Day 4 in Taiwan is actually food shopping day at Keelung.

Had breakfast at MOS Burger. My nuggets were really good :)
My drink is actually apple juice with transparent chunks in it. I have no idea what they are but the combination is quite good actually :) Breakfast was good :)

We took a train to Keelung to visit Sai Weng's friend and sight seeing as well.

This is how Kee Lung looks like... from the train station that is. We took a cab that took us uphill.

Check out the houses on the hill. Cool right? But driving back home ain't cool because the road is really winding and steep. It will be like Jay Chou's Initial D then. Haha.

The view from top of the hill. It's really pretty right. We're lucky that the weather that day was quite okay. Not cloudy but not too hot.

The street that we spent most of our time in Kee Lung. It's full of shops selling food that can be brought home as souveniers.

Those are music instrument. Something like a flute I guess. You blow and at the same time cover certain holes to produce a tone. It's really cute. I found some with Hello Kitty on it :)

These are actually postcards. Wanted to get them at first but forgot all about it after busy shopping for food. You can cut out the shape from the postcard and stuff some cotton into it and tadaaa.... you'll have a key chain. It's really cute!!

That big chunk of peanut thing is shaved into peanut flakes and wrapped with one scoop of ice cream by something like popiah skin. To be honest, it tasted kind of weird. It would be better without the ice cream though.

There are a lot of food sold on that small street. The photos that I took are only a small part of food sold there. We did not try all though. There is one aunty who dressed in crazy outfit selling chinese sausages. I think she can pose in front of the camera very well. Haha. The grilled mushroom is so-so only. Nothing fancy about it though. Maybe if it's non-spicy, it would be slightly better.

We then climbed the stairs further uphill to eat this..

I have no idea what it is actually. It's like a mixture of beans (red beans, green beans and other colour beans :p) with ice and some milky-sweet-stuff. It's okay for me. Maybe a little bit too sweet I guess :)

After the dessert, we need to go back to the street for more food shopping. Yi Yuan decided that we should go down this stair...

It's really really steep downwards. And the worst part is it's extremely dark inside. From the top of the stairs, you can only see the light on the other side. In the middle is totally black. To make things worst, the steps are not even. It's really hard to go all the way down. And the ceiling in the middle is quite low. So tall guys like Yi Yuan will kind of have to bend down a little. It's really funny. Haha.

This stall sells all kinds of balls. Meat balls, fish balls and others. But the size of the balls made me full by just looking at it. It's nearly the size of my fist okay. Freaky~~~

After food shopping, we headed to Keelung town for the night market. But since it's still early and the night market is not fully open yet, we went to have ice shaving desserts.

We shared one mixed fruits ice shaving and some gingko taufu fa thinggy. The ice were made of milk. It's really sweet. Together with a sour mango, kiwi and strawberry = perfect combination.

Check out the huge octopus tentacles. It's so scary. The diameter is bigger than my fist okay. I have no idea how one can finish one tentacle.

Even the prawns are big. I think the seafood in Taiwan are all well fed!! It's really huge and scary looking!!!

The street is basically filled with food stalls on left and right. I don't think people here will starve or anything. Even the stray cats and dogs are well fed okay. There are more than 100 stalls selling food along the street. The sight of food made me full and bloaty the whole day :p

Keelung town have 2 similarities with US.
They have a statue of liberty and...

The big Keelung sign on the hill. Haha. We found it really funny. I wondered who came out with the idea :) Ohhh, and in the middle of the town is a small port for ships, boats and .. er... sampan. Haha.

After all the walking, eating and sight seeing, we headed back to Taipei. Met up with another friend of Sai Weng who is studying in National University of Taiwan. She brought us to this night market nearby her university to walk around.

The famous frog egg drink. There's actually a queue for this drink. The name consist of frog egg and milk I think. It's actually something like bubble milk tea but I have no idea what is so special about the drink that there's actually a long queue for it. Hmmm...

This is the black pepper meat bun. It's really not nice at all. I have no idea why it is so famous in Taiwan. Haha. Maybe we're too full that day, so the taste of food isn't that nice anymore. Hehe.

That's all for Day 4. It's actually food shopping day. Nothing much. Day 5 will be more fun though :)


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