Monday, September 14, 2009

Taiwan Day 3

Selamat Hari Raya people. Wishing all my Malay colleagues Selamat Hari Raya and have a safe journey back to kampung okay. Will miss you guys this week.

Okay. It's time to talk about Taiwan again. Hehe. Today can be considered shopping day though :)

The day started really late. We woke up at around 10am and went for Japanese buffet as our brunch :) The thought of Japanese buffet made me happy cause I'm a really big fan of Japanese food :)

The name of the restaurant with the daily rates. It's not as big as though but the quality of the food is great though.

The appetizer drink. Some kind of vineger with aloe vera in it. It's really sour and tasted kind of ... weird :)

Below are photos of food served on the buffet :)

The oysters are really really big. The whole thing is 2 to 3 mouthful big. I don't take oyster though. Sai weng attempt to swallow the whole thing in one mouthful failed. Haha. It's so funny. Red and white wine is unlimited for the whole buffet. Same goes to beer. They will refill the food once the amount dropped to certain level, not till it's empty. Especially the oyster. The whole container was never empty.

My favourites for the whole buffet will be...
Red bean paste mochi, assorted mushroom appetizer and the fluffy-creamy-dessert thinggy. Not to say other food taste bad, but then these 3 would be my favourite for the whole buffet. I had two of the mochi and fluffy thinggy. It's really really really good :) Ohhh... their miso soup is cooked together with salmon fish. It tasted very very super nice though. The soup is light orange in colour :)

After a heavy brunch, we walked around for shopping to burn some calories :)

It rained on broad daylight, can you believe that?? Luckily we're usually indoors when it rained. Hehe. Lucky lucky us. The road in Taiwan is different from Malaysia. They are right hand driver and the driver seat is at the left hand side of the car. Even the fast last is on the left side. Same applies to when you're talking the elevator. People will usually stand at the right side. Not really used to it during the first few days of the trip though :p

I really love the fan on the pedestrain bridge that connects the shopping complexes. It's actually two mini fan at each side and the whole thing rotates. So cute!! I want one in my room please :)

The famous Taipei 101. The boutiques in the mall are really high end boutiques. The whole shopping malls are filled with those really really expensive boutiques like LV, Gucci, Prada and Burberry. There are even brands that I never heard of. Those who really shop here must be super rich people. Like super ultra duper rich. While poor people like us can only window shopping :)

That's all for the day. We went to Shihlin Night Market at night. Seriously, the place does not turned out what I would imagine it would be. I thought it would be one street filled with snacks at both side. But it's actually filled with shops selling clothes and other stuff. You can still get food there though, but that is not what I imagined Shihlin would be.

We had dinner at this place that serves food in mini hot pot and mini teppayaki plate. It's so cute. Even the tables and chairs are mini in size :P

Our food for the night. I realised that when they serve food that contains soup, there will be small amount of vermicilli in it. Among all the food above, the fried pork cutlet would have to be the better one. Seriously, the food in this restaurant is just okay. No ooh, ahh or mmm at all :p

There..... this is what Shihlin looks like. Just shops seeling clothes. Food stalls were scattered in different part of the street. I thought it would be filled with food stalls the whole street. Hehe.

The place where we bought bubble milk tea. Taiwan bubble milk tea definitely taste better than the one in Malaysia. Sai weng will have to translate the whole menu to me everytime we order food. It's so funny. I can only read several chinese character in the whole menu :(

My nightmare food stall!! It sells stinky tofu. Whenever I pass by stalls like this, I would hold breath and continue walking till I'm few metres away from it. There was once when I was holding my breath and Sai Weng suddenly talk to me!! I didn't not reply and just smile at him. Haha. I wasn't trying to be rude but I can't hold my breath and talk at the same time. Hehe. That would have to be one of the funny moment :)

These are what we bought on our shopping day trip. It has to be one of those days where we spent the most!!

That's all for Day 3. Nothing much. Just food and shopping :)

Will update about Day 4 really soon :)

Happy holiday people!! :)

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