Friday, September 25, 2009

Taiwan Day 6

I'm on MC today. So basically, I slept the whole day. Like a pig. A fat one that is :) Hehe.

Day 6 of Taiwan was spent at Kao Shiong. Seriously, if I were to visit Taiwan again, I will straight go to Kao Shiong. The food and shopping here are way better than Taipei!!

Due to midnight travelling the day before, we woke up at around 10 something and left the house at around 12 in the noon. Yi Yuan brought us to my favourite food stall. It's something like economy rice here but it's really really good. Way better than the food in Taipei.

Each of us ordered different food and all of them taste extremely good. Mine would be the fried chicken chop. You can choose 3 different side dishes ranging from vege to taufu. Those that I have choosed are my favourite vegetables of all time. The fried chicken chop is way better than the one we had in Taipei.

After a delicious brunch, we headed towards the town area for shopping.

The MRT here is not so complicated like the one in Taipei. The price is more or less the same.

We went to this shopping centre that has 17 level. From LG till Level 17!! But each level is not very big. It's like from North Court to the Centre Court of Mid Valley. But hey, it's still 17 level okay. There will be one level filled with men's clothing, another with women etc. I realised that the clothes here in Kao Shiong is nicer and cheaper than in Taipei as well. Seriously... kind of regret that we shopped too much in Taipei. I love the clothes in Kao Shiong. Didn't buy much due to limited case left.

We walked till it was dark and headed to this place for dinner. Since it's still early, Yi Yuan went to have a hair cut while me and Sai Weng went to the night market. Even the clothes in the night market are nicer and cheaper. We bought a few really cute key chains from the night market as well :)

This colourful building is filled with high ends boutiques like LV and Gucci. According to Yi Yuan's gf, the customers of this store drove posh cars like Ferrari. It's something like Taipei 101 I guess.

We're having hotpot for dinner that night. I'm really excited cause I love steamboat a lot!!

It's buffet style. You order what you want from the menu and they will bring it to you. NT$299 per person. It's really cheap. You are given 2 hours to eat all you can. The slices of pork, beef and lamb are really fresh. They have a lot of varieties of mushrooms to choose from as well, which includes my favourite :) the mochi is actually dumped into the hot soup for a few minutes before consuming. I'm really full that night, I did not try the mochi though. Yi Yuan loves it a lot. Since I'm not feeling well, I only eat from the clear soup. Others eat from the hot and spicy soup. The spicy soup comes with chunk of lamb (or is it cow) blood. Ewww..... I did not eat any of them. Crazy disgusting okay. But they said it's nice. Hehe.

After a heavy dinner, we decided to head home early because we'll be heading to the beach the next day. On our back to the MRT train, we bumped into these...

Bicycles for rent. According to Yi Yuan, one major sports event were held in Kao Shiong, so the whole Kao Shiong was decorated nicely. I do have to agree. The whole place is very beautiful and kind of edgy.

This is actually the MRT station. It's so pretty and big right?

After a whole day of shopping, we took the MRT back to Yi Yuan's house to rest early. Tomorrow will be beach day :)


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