Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taiwan Day 2

Hi people. Happy End Of Sunday :(

Just back from movies with Calvin and others. We watched The Ugly Truth and had a great time laughing. The movie is really really awesome. You all should watch it. Serious :)

Okay. Continue Taiwan's trip update lu.

On the second day of Taiwan trip, we visited....

Taipei Zoo. Heard a lot about this place. They said it's huge and a lot of fun.

The overall map of the zoo. It's actually quite big.

Normal ticket. Students who present their student cards when they purchase the tickets will be given discount of NT$20.

These are the cute lockers found at the entrance of the zoo. I think they are really cute, especially the one with hippo on them :P sis might love the one with giraffe though.

Below are photos of some of the animal that we visited in the zoo :)

Besides the bird park, we walked the whole zoo in a pretty fast pace. Because Yi Yuan said we can be there the whole day just visiting the animals. We finished the whole zoo except bird park in around 4 hours :) Maybe it's because we did not stopped too long at each animal, especially reptiles. I'm terrified of snakes :( I'm not a big fan of bird as well because if you walk under them, they might shit on you. Their shit is very very smelly :( and disgusting :(

We headed to McD for lunch since it's the nearest restaurant to the zoo and we're quite hungry at that time after all the walking and ooh-ing and aah-ing at the animals :)

Their McD sucks to the max. I ordered something that is not available in Malaysia. Grilled chicken burger. What I got was actually something similar like the foldover we have in Malaysia. But this one is really not nice at all. Sai Weng ordered spicy chicken burger which is also not nice.

These 2 paper bags contain fried chicken in it. I don't know about the taste though. Should be something like our Ayam Goreng McD :)

After that, we took the MRT and headed to Danshui for the night market and dinner and shopping and more sight seeing.

This is actually wild pig sausage. It's really yummy but a bit too oily for me. Maybe they stuffed in a lot of pig lard.
Grilled squid. I forgot to try one of these. They looked really yummy. But everytime I pass by one the stall, I'm always full. So in the end, I did not try these octopus at all :( WASTED!!!!

These are preserved quail eggs.... I think. Actually I'm not really what eggs are they. They tasted quite okay though. I did not get any of them because my parents don't really eat them that much because it's high in cholesterol. So.... can only admire. Haha.

This souvenier stall if actually very cool. The owner can bend a colourful wire into names or objects which are really cute. I bought one for myself, one for sis, another one for Calvin and his sis. You can choose to have them in key chain or phone ornaments. I just love the selection of colourful wires.

PINK GUAVAS!!! They are really really really pretty, physically. But taste-wise, not really. Unlike the guava that we usually have in Malaysia, these pink guavas area actually very soft. It's not even crunchy. They are eaten together with the seeds. I still prefer a crunchy guava though.

This is what we had for dinner. The toufu with red colour gravy at the bottom actually contains glass noodle in them. I don't really like the taste though. It tasted kind of .... weird. But the fishballs are really good :)

Me and Sai Weng shared this honeydew ice cream which is kind of tall. If you ordered one size bigger, the ice cream part will be higher. Hehe. Taste-wise.... well, it's kind of normal only.

After dinner, we visited the Lover's Bridge.

Well, for me, it's just a bridge. Haha. With beautiful light and very quiet at night. Maybe the one walking with me is Sai Weng, instead of Calvin. So I don't really feel the love in the air except the one between Yi Yuan and his girl. Haha.

After that, we headed back to our motel and visited the night market near our place again cause Yi Yuan's gf is hungry. She really like this stall that sells something like salted chicken.

The guy will remove the bones from the chicken and cut the chicken meat into smaller pieces, add some pepper and some kind of oil to it. Mix mix mix mix. Put in some vegetables. More mix mix mix mix. That's practically it. Haha. Me and Sai Weng shared half chicken and it tasted quite nice. Maybe too much pepper. If the amount of pepper in it is lesser, then it would taste perfect. Hehe.

That's all for day 2. Not much though cause the zoo is quite far, so travelling to and from the zoo actually takes quite a lot of time as we have to change trains. But it's all very convenient cause the there is only one train system in Taipei. So just have to get off the train, go up/down/left/right to hop on another train.

Got to go. I'm so so so so tired today.


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